Why Ice Cream Helmet?

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I originally created Ice Cream Helmet two years ago for Baseball Picks. I had some extra time and decided to do the Tourney. I’d been disappointed by the options to customize the experience and I wanted to make it more social.

It hasn’t been as easy or successful as I had hoped. Although I’m pretty sure the other sites have more resources to throw at the game than I do. From what I have seen, the other sites have improved over the past two years.

Now that Ice Cream Helmet has so many different games, the competition can run throughout all of them. The only issue is making sure that people do their ICH Picks. At first, that required making a different set of picks. I’m simplified that over time. If the group has the same type of settings as the ICH settings, then the picked will carry over. Situations where the settings are different are things like football groups choosing to not use spreads.

Using the ICH Picks can spread into all sorts of rankings. You could compare yourself against your ICH Friends. Compare with other fans of a particular team or school. Compare against members of ‘teams’ (sort of like groups but they aren’t tied to one specific game). Really, rankings could be made based on any sort of information a member provided. Not much of this has been implemented. My hope was to slowly work out these features as membership grew. If the only people playing are in my group, then there isn’t much use in these additional features.

So sign up and make your picks for the Tourny on ICH.

Today I added the pick distribution so you can get an idea of what people are picking. Right now only Pitt, UNC, and UConn are getting any love to win it all.

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