When did Netflix last update their Top 100?

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Seems like the Top 100 on Netflix would be somewhat interesting. To see what people are selecting. To find something popular you might not have thought of.

Instead, it just sits there. It’s such an odd list that I’m not even sure when or how it was calculated. Just look …

The movies here range from 2005-2009. I’ve seen all of them except The Hurt Locker (which you can see is in my queue). The only ones I’d actually call good are The Blind Side and Gran Torino. At least Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes are the sort of blockbusters that I would expect to be highly ranked on a Netflix list, most everyone at least checks them out. Of course, that popularity would have faded. Iron Man 2 isn’t even in the Top 100.

Forget it, no more analyzing. Just observe the ridiculousness.

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