Underground Resume Ranking Report – Week 4

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“It’s mass confusion down here. Just a mess.”
This week’s rankings brought to you by the ghost of Bill Stewart’s coaching career.

Top 25 Rating Change
1. USC 39.5 ↔
2. Wake Forest 46.15 ↑1
3. Florida 53.41 ↑1
4. Wisconsin 69.41 ↑4
5. Georgia 70.36 ↔
6. UCLA 72 ↑20
7. Alabama 72.86 ↑3
8. Utah 73.17 ↑5
9. Vanderbilt 75.61 ↓3
10. LSU 78.07 ↑16
11. Colorado 79.67 ↑10
12. BYU 87.31 ↓3
13. Boise State 91.74 ↑13
14. Ball State 93.11 ↑8
15. Virginia Tech 95.07 ↑1
16. Fresno State 95.22 ↑10
17. Georgia Tech 95.41 ↔
18. Auburn 96.74 ↓7
19. Connecticut 97.56 ↓1
20. Oklahoma 100.07 ↓6
21. Ohio State 101.67 ↑5
22. Northwestern 103.31 ↑2
23. UNLV 104.07 ↑3
24. Notre Dame 110 ↓17
25. Nebraska 111 ↓6

Dropped: East Carolina, Oregon, South Florida, North Carolina, Minnesota, Southern Miss

Just Missed: Minnesota, Oregon, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, South Florida, Kentucky

Conference Rankings
(central mean)
SEC 116.25
ACC 128.64
Pac 10 131.59
MWC 135.84
Big 10 139.75
Big 12 144
Big East 159.11
Sun Belt 197
WAC 197.65
CUSA 231.85
MAC 249

Comments, Concerns, and General Shenanigans

Mass confusion?
Yeah, the rankings are still a bit of a mess, but they’re slowly working themselves out.  There’s much less movement going on this week and once the major conference play begins, there will even less crazy fluctuations.

His Coachness can even charm a computer
We’re sure the first thing you noticed is the very conspicuous presence of UCLA in 6th.  No, it’s not a typo. No, we don’t believe UCLA has the 6th best resume in the nation.  Yes, UCLA really did earn that rating.  How?  Strength of schedule.  Exhibit A: the win over Tennessee.  Exhibit B: losses to BYU and Arizona.  This gives them roughly the 3rd toughest schedule to date in FBS football (more on that later).  This rating won’t last, however.  A loss against Fresno State this week (again, UCLA has a very tough schedule) will raise their rating to somewhere between 110 and 120, depending on other results.  If UCLA wins, they’ll maintain about the same rating.  Don’t worry; if UCLA is emphatically not a good team, the system will work it out as more games get played.

Racking up the mileage
There’s a couple big movers this week besides the aforementioned UCLA.  LSU jumps from off the board to the #10 spot based on their win over Auburn, who dropped 7 spots to 18.  Boise State’s upset of Oregon moves them from off the board to lucky #13 while Notre Dame’s loss to Michigan State drops Touchdown Jesus 17 spots.

Conference Wars
There seems to be an impostor amongst the power conferences this season.  The Mountain West Conference is having a nice early run this season, including the spanking of 4 Pac 10 teams last weekend.  Combine this across-the-board success with a potential BCS-buster in BYU and you have the makings of a surprise conference ranking.  As far as the power conferences go, the SEC seems to be dominating.  The SEC has also played in-conference games, thus raising the strength of schedule for most teams.  Our guess is that it’s a little bit from column A, and a little bit from column B.

Thanks for playing
We’d like to give an honorable mention to 3 teams who managed to crack the top 25 (before our manual adjustment) without a win.  These 3 teams found the early season loophole, much like UCLA, by playing some ridiculous opening schedules.  Oregon, BYU, Oklahoma, Kansas State, Tulsa, LSU, Kansas, Iowa, and South Florida each had a chance to pad their schedules against these teams.  So here’s to you, Washington, North Texas, and Florida International, for offering yourselves up as sacrificial lambs.

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