Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: Virginia Tech @ Georgia Tech

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Daron: VT-GT
Justin: okay, this is an interesting one
Daron: yes
Justin: i forgotted about the Techs
Daron: one team with a helluva offense (occasionally), but no evidence of D anywhere, despite saying they have one. think of one of those old movies where a woman masquerades as a man because that’s georgia tech. hoping no one peeps under its cap and sees it is wearing makeup
Justin: its true…and dont look now, but Tyrod Taylor can sorta throw! errr maybe I should say “Taylor can throw! Against Duke!”
Justin: Also, holy shit balls…Ryan Williams is the proud owner of 734 rushing yards in 6 games
Daron: yeah. he’s good. very good
Justin: this team’s gonna be able to run over everyone next year
Daron: Taylor can throw
Justin: ish
Daron: yes
Justin: no now that i look at this, Taylor still can’t throw. he has 150 more yards than Nesbitt, who REALLY can’t throw
Daron: efficiency of 159.6
Justin: hasn’t thrown picks, sure, but does get sacked a lot
Daron: I’m just saying
Justin: And Morgan burnett is opportunistic at safety, so he can’t f around too much
Daron: you know how many td’s taylor threw last year? 2. yards? 1036. So this year is a MASSIVE improvement for him.
Justin: true story, i didn’t realize it was the bad
Daron: (granted, he was yanked for Glennon last year, so he split time)
Justin: a terrible thing in itself
Daron: yeah, that says it all…YANKED. FOR. GLENNON.
Daron: VT can score now, GT can’t stop them. GT can score, VT can stop them some
Justin: yeah. i’m excited for this random 6:00 game
Daron: well, who wouldn’t be? I think VT by 12
Justin: okay
Daron: I think VT 30-28, so I revise my statement to “I think VT by 2 SHUT THE HELL UP”
Justin: I’m torn
Daron: Am I a little late?
Justin: But, I will say VT by 13
Daron: and you’re lying on the bathroom floor?
Justin: i like it
Daron: Right?

Torn Video (Mike’s Note: Can you believe Sony BMG disabled embedding for this video? Would that cost them a lot of Natalie Imbruglia sales?)

Justin: People doubted we could work Natalie Imbruglia into this conversation…BUT WEVE DONE IT
Daron: Well, they can go to hell
Justin: 31-17

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