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Unbiased Picks – Utah vs. TCU

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Justin: NEXT! That other ranked game. Utah-TCU You know, the best kind of ranked game. The kind with a 20 points spread

Daron: To be fair, the Iowa spread is horrible as well

Justin: oh i know

Daron: I saw 13.5-17.5

Justin: this is a shitty week

Daron: yeah. Utah, an effective team, that has done little yet, very little.

Justin: well they have a win over Louisville!!!

Daron: other than lose to Oregon

Daron: w00t

Justin: And a win at the unfriendly confines of CSU AND UNLV! Yeeeeeee!!!

Daron: Don’t go into Ft. Collins expecting a win! Well, at least that was true 8 or so years ago.

ANYWAYS, TCU is the new flavor of the week

Justin: TCU, on the other hand has the ever more valuable win at Clemson, a win at UVA, and their closest game, a tangle with AF

Daron: yeah. their defense has the fast and a lot of it. And can tackle

Justin: yeah, Utah’s offense is meh. With not much goin’ on through the air, but a decent running attack

Daron: eh, the norm for them

Justin: yeah

Daron: TCU by 10

Justin: sure

Daron: defense makes eat of them, not a pretty game, though

Justin: TCU also, by 17. No Cover.  27-10 or so

Daron: 20-10, maybe 27-10.  Real mehness

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