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Unbiased Picks: USC @ Notre Dame

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Justin: USC-ND
Daron: We have SC’s defense, allowing 8 pts a game, going against ND’s offense, which is scoring about 32. That said, if there is a year when ND makes this happen, it’s this one.
Justin: this is true
Daron: (now that I’ve genuflected in the direction of conventional wisdom)
Justin: im interested to see what gives here
Daron: I think SC’s defense puts it on ND’s offense
Justin: Now, starting with the O-line of ND: they don’t give up sacks. Less than 2 per game.
Daron: and SC is a bunch of sack-a-holics: 21 on the season. Here’s the key, from what I can tell: ND’s ground game will be the difference
Justin: yeah, see if shows up
Daron: As they need to convince Taylor Mays to NOT play deep centerfield
Justin: true
Daron: you put him and a corner on tate, and those lovely bombs will go nowhere
Justin: yeah that’s the big problem without Floyd. Get this: Floyd is still second on the team in receiving by nearly 100 yards. Kyle Rudolph is behind him.
Daron: yeah, that’s crazy
Justin: and over the next wideout by nearly 300 yards. Floyd has more yards in his 3 games than all of the wrs on ND not named Tate combined
Daron: hahahaha hilarious. As an aside, him getting back in November could be crucial to an ND BCS berth
Justin: It’ll be interesting to see if SC can run the ball. Michigan was able to…
Daron: and Nevada was not
Justin: MSU was so so, they sorta abandoned it but were okay.
Daron: Purdon’t was subpar. And USC struggled to run against tOSU
Justin: tOSU also still features one of the best D’s in the country
Daron: but that’s an entirely different defence than the very generous one that gives up 23 a game in South Bend.
Justin: So whatcha got
Daron: I got SC 27, ND 14. I think ND struggles to move the ball and SC does as well. And one of their TD’s is a Defensive…scratch that, 27-21. That’s better. I doubt they hold ND to 14
Justin: i liked the first one a bit better
Daron: you would
Justin: this is the first defense theyve played, which i think that alone is good for a shock. 31-14

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