Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: UCLA @ Tennessee

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Justin: Do you believe Tennessee’s offense?

Daron: No I don’t

Justin: yeah. I saw the first quarter of that game.  And the offense was still utterly incompetent. Comical bad.  But! I will say this: they have a huge line and Montario Hardesty seems to be an animal

Daron:  Well, we’ve always known that.  He terrified me far more than Arian foster in previous years mostly because he lacked Foster’s talent for timely (or untimely, if you’re a UT fan) giveaways.

Justin: yeah he’s like Foster, without the penchant for the goalline jitters

Daron: or the “big moment” jitters.  Foster was lights out on fourth and short when it came to fumbling. God, I’ll miss him

Justin: The man made it his job to fuck up their drives

Daron: and did it with gusto! and consistency! no higher praise is there.

Justin: True story

Daron: now

Justin: This game is gonna be fuckin’ hideous

Daron: UCLA struggled with SDSU,  falling behind 14-3.

Justin: indeed,  Prince had 179 yards 1 td, 2 picks. But most importantly, got out of the game with his knees in tact! A moral victory for UCLA QBs!

Daron: That’s an actual victory.

Justin: UCLA did roll up 150 yards on the ground, Which is quite encouraging given how bad they were last year.

Daron: yeah, that’s solid

Justin: they averaged 84 ypg last year.  84!!!!!

Daron:  OH WOW.  That’s, um, desultory,   at best

Justin: also a Special Teams TD.  I foresee defense and ST scoring ringing up and in a game that involves the probable best defensive player in the country

Daron: I can see that

Justin: that leads me to say Tennessee is going to win this game

Daron: also, while the ground game improved, it still has some ugly on it

Justin: oh sure

Daron: it took 38 carries for those 144 yards

Justin: well 35 for 159 with sacksos still not good

im thinking…24-10 Tennesee with at least one defensive score

Daron: yeah

I think Eric Berry gets his

Justin: err non-offense score

Daron: 21-17.  Bastardfaces over the bruins blech. It grosses me out to say that

Justin: yes i know

Daron: Also.  I’m just gonna say this for the record:  I could see this one spiraling a little bit, via bad play after bad play by both squads

Justin: so like last year?

Daron: and ending up 35-27, or some such.

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