Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: Texas Tech @ Houston

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Daron: Houston – TTU
Justin: so, a lot of passing yards eh?
Daron: which, frankly, I believe the reader must be referred to the Chris Brown bit on EDSBS. For the slight variations between air-raid offenses
Justin: the football nerd needs it!
Daron: emphasizing that Houston utilizes more motion. Whereas TTU prefers not to, so everyone has their routes n’ such down rote but yeah. The Cougs can play some defense, as well. I’d say the same of TTU, referring to the Texas game, but, Texas hasn’t been impressive yet.
Justin: the cougs did give up 35 to osu, but that offense is good.
Daron: So, I take the cougs. Silly, maybe
Justin: continuing to rain terror on the big 12?
Daron: yes
Justin: ill agree! they are solid
Daron: they’ll get tripped up in C-USA, but yeah
Justin: and could give C-USA a trip to BCS!
Daron: Firsties!

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