Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: Texas @ Missouri

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Justin: NEXT. UT-Mizzou. Does the Blaine Gabbert slide continue
Daron: probably…UT’s Defense is turning on
Justin: Yes sir
Daron: now, their offense isn’t
Justin: yeah not so much
Daron: but I don’t think it’s gonna matter…I think they eat Gabby alive
Justin: yeah and i don’t think Derrick Washington will be able to get going
Daron: no
Justin: so, Gabbert has to win it himself, and well…
Daron: not yet
Justin: that probably doesn’t work
Daron: maybe next year
Justin: Mizzou couldn’t get to Robinson, but did slow down Toston and Okie State, minus Bryant but yeah, I just don’t see this going well
Daron: samesies. 34-17? 34-14? 34-20? somewhere in that area
Justin: Agreed! 37-14 my answer

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