Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: TCU @ Clemson

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Daron: So, fun facts about TCU: Leading rusher has 23 touches for 195 yards and 4 tds
Justin: so i think you throw out the performance against bc. for clemson at least, because it was a monsoon
Daron: that’s fair, but before you do that, check this: spill-spill’s stats?
Justin: he had a nasty PR
Daron: 41 carries for 176 and none. 41?!?!?!
Justin: NONE?
Daron: We’ve been hoisted by our own meme! and yes, none. Neither he nor ellington
Justin: hoisted to the tune of 6 field goals
Daron: Spiller has twice as many carries as turner, but rushing offense comparison? TCU – 244.5 a game, Clemson – 159.3
Daron: despite MORE touches
Justin: So yes. TCU has its historically nasty defense i suppose?
Daron: it’s been pretty good. against UVa and a 1-AA team…so, two 1-AA teams, which is, well, not hard. They do have Jerry Hughes, whom will eat you and declare you an appetizer to the rhino he intends to consume after killing it with a blindside sack. Clemson is holding teams to 17 ppg, though, so there’s a chance this one stays low
Justin: there ya go. Prediction
Daron: hmmmm…Clemson 17, TCU 14
Justin: I think the pair of Bowers and Sapp collapse the line
Daron: it’ll be TCU, 10-7 at the half
Justin: and clemson wins 27-10
Daron: yeah. I think Clemson’s d-line is the difference. It’ll make the TCU offense’s day worse than Clemson’s offense will have
Justin: yeah, indeed, shit is gangsta

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