Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: TCU @ BYU

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Justin: And now some non-major love…BYU vs. Dem Frogs
Daron: yeah
Justin: Best Defense in the MWC vs Best Offense in the MWC
Daron: My heart says TCU, my head says Max Hall slings it. TCU is riding high
Justin: True. TCU stopped Clemson
Daron: truth
Justin: and UVA, but that was in September, before the Grohmentum
Daron: dude, the exhbition season doesn’t count. Al Groh knows this, particularly because he plays in the ACC, and frankly, who can’t find 6-8 wins in that conference? Nut that aside
Justin: (Maryland…DAMNIT…They are dogs to Duke) okay back on subject
Daron: yeah so
Justin: Andy Dalton hasn’t been particularly impressive but they have 4 guys over 220 yards at TCU (including dalton)
Daron: yeah they can run
Justin: BYU has been pretty good against the run. 2nd in the conference, behind TCU
Daron: yeah, I mean, this is, for all intents and purposes, a heavyweight fight
Justin: but holy hell Max Hall has thrown 10 picks
Daron: yeah. he’s a gunslinger
Justin: A true slanger of gun
Daron: just having a good time, really enjoying himself out there, you can see the joy on his face…in his play
Justin: and his lovin? oh wait. Provo
Daron: oh, it’s fantastic. in the MIIIIIIIIND. Anyways, I’ve come around. TCU ugly as it always is with them.
Justin: True Story. to be a contrarian, I’m gonna say that TCU drops this one. BYU puts it together and puts up 28
Daron: See, I want to say that
Justin: holds TCU to 24
Daron: but BYU’s team is le shaky, in too many places (OL, Secondary) that are important
Justin: yeah those are important. OL against a Gary Patterson team…not where you want to be lacking
Daron: ughhh amen. Jerry Hughes will eat your children
Justin: And enjoy it! but i stay with my call
Daron: fair
Justin: 28-24, Fighting N.A. Beers
Daron: hahaha 21-10, TCizzle. maybe even 17-10, if it’s REAALLLLY sexy

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