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Unbiased Picks – Oregon vs. USC

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Justin: Trojan Ducks
Daron: well, the big story in the MSM is the absence of USC’s defense from its previous two games. Namely against the other team from Oregon
Justin: right. one thing, however, is to note something about those defensive lapses: they were against extremely balanced teams
Daron: they were large and silly?
Justin: That tend even towards pass heavy. The Ducks: not so much. They are a run first team. Masoli, obvi, is a fullback, who throws occasionally
Daron: yeah
Justin: he’s got 905 yards, good for 8th in the Pac 10
Daron: which is, you know, not the greatest.
Justin: UCLA and Washington State’s QBs are the only one’s worse. And well, we know those issues. So i think that USC’s defense may not be as vulnerable to Oregon as they’ve looked recently
Daron: Reasonable
Justin: likewise, Oregon’s D has been nice (JF Note: Read that article and see how BAD Oregon’s D has been)
Daron: it’s been unreal
Justin: 10 picks in 7 games, pretty solid
Daron: it has sacked quite a few folk as well
Justin: yeah. They terrorized Locker: to the tune of 2 picks, 4 sacks and ~50% completions.
and 7 carries for -16 isn’t what he had in mind. They gave up 100 to Polk, which isn’t the best. USC’s defense, though against the run, has been ridic still. Less than 100 yards per game
Daron: yeah
Justin: Oregon is, btw, last in the PAC 10 in passing as a team
Daron: hahahahaI
Justin: and, somehow
Daron: I’m not seeing this as a USC loss, because it is just too obvious to pick
Justin: is scoring 34 points per game…yet, converting on just 32 % of 3rd downs
Daron: bahahaha
Justin: thanks partly to a 1-10 effort against Boise St, but still.
Daron: SoCal
Justin: score?
Daron: 31-20. Dunno how SC gets there
Justin: i’m going Oregon Duckaroos. I think they score enough…24-14
Daron: Nice! I want them to win
Justin: I think we see Mitch Mustain.  Chaosity (Justin edit, post conversation: I don’t actually think this anymore, I’m an idiot)
Daron: wow
Justin: this is the best defense they’ve seen not from Ohio
Daron: true
Justin: so yeah, that’s my story.

There’s no reason to put this here, I just wanted to.

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