Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: Oregon State @ USC

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Daron: NEEEEXXXT (note three x’s there) (this is adult content) (for adults) (and such)
Justin: (I agree to proceed)
Daron: beavers vs. trojans
Justin: There’s a reason for all those warnings!
Daron: right?
Justin: The Quizzzzz versus Pete Carroll and the Defenestrators
Daron: two offenses that so far are about the same. And one defense, that, by PA, is almost twice as good as the other. Interesting fact? OSU is undefeated on the road this season
Justin: interesting. Canfield has been uneven, but Quizzzzzz has been nice to the tune of 13 tds
Daron: and he catches a great deal
Justin: yeah he has 38 catches on top of 128 carries. Good for near 1000 yards of offense so far but that said
Daron: yeah
Justin: Armando Allen: 51 yards
Daron: USC’s defense…the hotness
Justin: Javhid Best: 47 yards. Some guy named tardy at WSU: 44 yards…not looking good
Daron: yeah
Justin: but what the hell do i know. He pulled 186 yards out of his nether regions last year against USC
Daron: Quizz happened to be the only one to do it last year.
Justin: I think USC’s defense will have some serious revenge on its mind though and may just try to decapitate Quizzz
Daron: it’s a 21 point spread, apparently. well, 19.5-21
Justin: i don’t think that USC has the offense for that
Daron: nor I think its 21-18
Justin: OSU did slow down Cincinnati
Daron: both teams can play defense
Justin: eh
Daron: -ish
Justin: Oregon state gave up 28 points to the fighting harbaughs and 37 to the wrong stoops
Daron: all good points. I revise my statement 28-13; 31-14?
Justin: actually, I think USC covers. 35-13

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