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Unbiased Picks: Oklahoma vs Texas

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Daron: Red River Gun Violence
Justin: Texas sure doesn’t like to start games
Daron: no they don’t
Justin: they finish em
Daron: and OU doesn’t like to block in theirs.
Justin: that’s bad when Sergio Kindle’s hanging about
Daron: yeah, however…OU has a defense
Justin: They always do. They had one last year, and Texas lit it up
Daron: it’s one thing to recover from your slow start against Wyoming or Colorado…it’s entirely another against these guys, particularly without the top two rbs, which I believe Texas is missing
Justin: Yea it’s gonna be Fozzy and Cody Johnson. But lets face it: This is Colt’s team
Daron: clearly, and he’ll be throwing to shipley
Justin: a lot
Daron: and we’ll hear about they are damned roommates. A lot.
Justin: dude Shipley has 47 catches in 5 games
Daron: and their dads were roommates. That storyline will not die. Ugh. Yeah but he’s having a great year
Justin: colts been sacked…6 times. that’s unreal
Daron: yeah…but he ain’t played anyone, either
Justin: also has a nice 73 completion % (which is in fact down 3 points from last year). He was last years leading rusher on this team. So I think that basically, Oklahoma’s gotta score.
Daron: I do not trust this Texas team. I do not trust it one bit: it has played no one, and it still played like shit (for three quarters. Also, Dr. Seuss FTW)
Justin: i’ll give you the sloppiness and the Seuss, obvi
Daron: yeah, I’m just leery of a team this untested so far into the season against a team that, yeah, has lost, but at least it has had battles
Justin: maybe it’s not that I like Texas as much as i think Oklahoma just flat out isn’t as good as it has been
Daron: and this is true
Justin: this is the difference
Daron: Their scoring average is buoyed by KO’s of lesser competition as well. As is their defensive PPG
Justin: OU has been mighty impressive in its three wins…how about 142-7 (!!!)
Daron: which is nice, yes
Justin: but notched just 33 points in it’s losses.
Daron: true true, all good points
Justin: they got to Jacory Harris and forced picks early. They gotta do that
Daron: But, you know the one way to toughen up a young O-line? Throw those big goons in the fire
Justin: As much shit as that line gets, theyve only given up 5 sacks. IF murray and brown can run they have a chance. If not, well, i don’t think i’s all that close
Daron: the run game is key. however I’m still saying Boomer Sooner
Justin: only Oklahoma’s run game. Texas can and has won without it
Daron: According to Tim Griffin at ESPN’s Big XII blog “The key to success in the Texas-Oklahoma game Saturday — as it almost always seems to be — will be running the ball. Since the Big 12 was formed in 1996, the team that rushed for the most yardage has won 11 of the 13 games, including every game but once since 1997. Both teams will struggle against fearsome run defenses, but the team that is the most patient should have the most success.”
I give you: Vindication, via source!
Justin: this may be true, but i still say no
Daron: I don’t think Texas wins without running either, unless their D is playing otherworldly. And it might, hell if I know…but still
Justin: score
Daron: I’m going battletested angry sooners, 38-35
Justin: ill go 35-21 Texas
Daron: Mack Brown will NOT get another big XII title. And it will be hilarious. I will giggle inanely like a small child hearing a dirty word

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