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Unbiased Picks: Michigan State @ Notre Dame

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Justin: ND-MSU I believe is another game we were gonna pick.
Daron: I take it that’s the one you’d like to speak of? *of which you’d like to speak? (no dangling prepositions here, bitches)

Googly Eyes is not impressed by one of you as a rival
Googly Eyes is not impressed by one of you as a rival

Justin: Little Brother’s probably gonna be pissed
Daron: Um yes
Justin: ND’s probably gonna be pissed too
Daron: Um double yes
Justin: As, you know, they gots beat
Daron: I do. They both did. By mid-tier bowl teams from the glove state. <OH SNAP>
Justin: And MSU has pwned ND as of late. I don’t know much about MSU’s offense other than Mark Dell and Kirk Cousins, so I’ll just assume that Jehru Caulcrick will still be chuggin along
Daron: and their use of a plethora of running backs. What was it, 7 for 20 yards or more in the opener?
Justin: yeah
Daron: they only had two earn more than 18 yards against CMU. Caulton Ray (16 for 51), and Larry Capers (6-33) for 3.2 and 5.5 ypc, respectively. Why are those attempts not reversed?

Justin: well, Maybe Larry didn’t wear a tie to the game? (Uncle Mark…I kid I kid)
Daron: Granted, Mr. Capers skewed his with a long run of 16, while Caulton only scampered for a long of eleven. In short, Mr. Dantonio’s ground based team sucked at being ground based and they didn’t really light it up through the air, either. This is NOT a good offense. I know. I’m a Vandy fan. I’m adept at ID’ing inept offenses (HOORAY ANTONYMS). ND has an offense
and MSU is gonna need more than the three offensive td’s they got.
Justin: this offense is not stellar. Cousins is apparently establishing himself as the starter
Daron: You dare refute the stats from the Montana St game?
Justin: IF MSU can run a lot, and control the ball for ~37 minutes, they have a shot here of course.
Daron: obviously
Justin: ND did not stop the run wonderfully last week
Daron: true
Justin: So
Daron: however, I don’t think of CMU as a power defense
Justin: True story
Daron: and yet, those numbers
Justin: but Montana State is certainly a power defense. So the picks. I’ll go first for once. In a somewhat saucy pick, i’m gonna say a second nail goes into Captain Front Butt’s XXXXL coffin and that MSU takes it…31-24
Daron: I’ve been thinking: I’d like to be bold in this. But, that’s not in the cards
that performance against CMU, statistically, speaking, was unendearing
I did like that all but one of MSU’s scoring drives started on their own side of the 50
Justin: Hmm Ok come on. Just pull the trigger, like any good super model.
Daron: I don’t have another show for months. No need for that drastic a response! I think ND 34, MSU 17 close at the half, though perhaps 14-10, either way?

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