Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: Miami @ Virginia Tech

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Daron: MIA vs. VT
Justin: Miami is scary. They remind me of florida in 06. Young, dangerous
Daron: dangerous
Justin: but play in the ACC, so they can easily finish in 12-1
Daron: um yes. I’m telling you, Miami vs. Cincy, National Title! Anyways, this game. Harris slingin’ all over the place
me: they prolly wont even try to run. The canes dont so much know how to do that
Daron: I mean, on occasion, maybe, but yeah. It’s gonna be the Harris air show and the WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WHEN VT HAS THE DAMN BALL show
Justin: yeah
Daron: as they’ve been not good with the ball.
Justin: running. Probably into the defense.
Daron: in either game against real opponents
Justin: i don’t think Miami is exceptional against the pass, but, shouldn’t matter
Daron: yeah. Taylor isn’t gonna go all Blue Angels on them
Justin: yeah, itll be more like the iraqi airforce

Tyrod Taylor Drops Fire All over the Place
So that's where they hid the VT Offense...

Daron: hahaha not even good enough to be Hungary, flying Gripen’s for rent
Justin: indeed, and noone will get that
Daron: that’s fine
Justin: yeah. I think miami gets a bit of a game, it’s in Lane after all
Daron: yes
Justin: lunch pails and shit
Daron: yeah, Bud Foster can coach a defense
Justin: obvi
Daron: yeah. I think VT keeps it close. I think they have a chance to win, at the end. I just don’t think their offense can do that. I think 21-18
Justin: yeah. i think its close for a while, but ends up at like 31-17

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