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Unbiased Picks: Iowa @ Wisconsin

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Justin: Iowa?
Daron: sure thing, hot pants
Justin: First, F Iowa. Second, god what an ugly team
Daron: said, of course, for the people of this website and, well, everyone with a soul
Justin: yeah
Daron: it represents the Azerbaijan of the Midwest
Justin: exactly
Daron: you thought they were gonna be pretty?
Justin: well no, this is brad banksless Kirk Ferentz team
Daron: the problem here, in my opinion, and I’m not sure Iowa fans (who are more informed, I’ll grant you) will agree…is Ricky Stanzi, is he an upgrade over Christiansen? Seems that way, but WHERE THE HELL IS HE THROWING? Honestly? I mean, sometimes he looks ridiculously good, but still
Justin: this shit is just…uneven
Daron: exactly
Justin: without a run game to speak of
Daron: there’s no predicting the STANZIBALL
Justin: whatever happens, you know iowa is playin a close ass game
Daron: it’s on-again, off-again, as well…I thought their O-line would be better than it is. Could just be working Bulaga back into the rotation, I suppose, and switching out their guards (Vandervelde being moved for Reiff, I think?)
Justin: not a clue sir
Daron: anyway, they’re playing Wisconsin
Justin: who has ish of their own
Daron: who statistically dominated Ohio State, only to be blown out?!
Justin: This is true
Daron: Now, Iowa doesn’t blow out people not named Lolphers, if i remember correctly. For that beautiful porcine figurine…so, say they keep this close
Daron: Is it then a battle of Tolzien vs. Stanzi, who can be more efficient? Because, let’s be honest
Tolzien handed 14 points to tOSU.
Justin: As an aside we need to cover a minnesota game, just to point to PLAY FOR BREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daron: and Stanzi did half that with M
Justin: I don’t trust this Iowa team to win out. But i dont’ think it’s comin here
Daron: so I guess you say Stanzi wins, even without Paul Chaney? I mean, they still have DJK, McNutt, and Stross. Plus Moeaki
Justin: yeah i have to believe they have enough weapons. If Fresno has enough weapons
Daron: Unless Clay imposes his will on their D and my heart. I mean on Iowa…
Justin: No you dont.
Daron: no, I don’t. i think this one is of the 24-13 variety
Daron: yeah, I was thinking 17-24
Justin: so, anyway, yeah, 24-13 Iowa. And to end it, i will include a picture of beautiful Kinnick Stadium, because, well i love it

From the incomparable BHGP
From the incomparable BHGP

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