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Unbiased Picks: Iowa @ Penn State

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Justin:So Pwned St. The White Out. The 8 o clock white out, AKA the crowd is blacked out

The Honorable BGHP
The Honorable BGHP

Daron: Now, normally I’d be quick to make a point about youthful rbs vs. Sean Lee and Navarro Bowman. This seems like less of a point now.
Justin:both of they seem to be banged izup
Daron: Yeah, Apparently Bowman has a better shot at playing though.
Justin:And Greg Paulus aside (HA), Swingin Dick Stanzi is the first qb they’ve played
Daron: but, I imagine PSU will be seeing Stupar and Bani Gbadyu (sp?) for more than they’d like
Justin:Iowa’s banged up too
Daron: truth. Bulaga, and some others, I believe
Justin: DJK
Daron: jewel hampton, obvi
Justin:we’ll find out in a hurry if PSU’s gonna be able to run against Angerer, and a solid D-Line, or so i’m told
Daron: Angerer, Edds (he of the pink cowboy hat), and good d-line. Ballard, Clayborn
Justin:so i’m not getting the feeling that it’s gonna be an overly high scoring affair
what with the o/u of 40
Daron: hahaha yeah. Another reason for few points? Iowa’s secondary is/should be GOOOOOOOD
Justin:well neither offense hasn’t really shown much. Neither’s been bad, but, all have left to be desired
Daron: true. but all PSU can do is throw, and Tyler Sash, and Mr. Spievey, and Mr Prater would love that to happen
Daron: so a pick. I think Iowa does it. I think Iowa does it to the tune of 17-14. maybe not that low. maybe 24-17? barely break the over
Justin:Well, to the non-delight of the PSU readership of this website, i will agree. I was going to say something to the tune of 20-13. but an unhappy valley
Daron: yeah. I think the big ten is sliding towards multipolarity

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