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Unbiased Picks: Georgia Tech @ Miami

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Justin: In the name of full disclosure, I have a massive man-crush on Paul Johnson

Did you know that Buzz is the Tooth Fairy and speaks with the voice of the pedophile from Family Guy?
Did you know that Buzz is the Tooth Fairy and speaks with the voice of the alien from Family Guy?*

Daron: This is an established fact, your love of the flexbone.
Justin: that’s what she said?
Daron: hahaha well, GT put up 301 yards on the ground against a Clemson defense with a talented line. But here’s a fun fact. Drives in the second half: punt, punt, punt, INT, FG, FG. And this is all while Clemson is coming or has come back, so it’s not a “foot off the gas” situation
Justin: Having watched some of this game, GT’s offense looked bad
Daron: it’s a “fail for a half” sitch.
Justin: I mean, the first half was not all glory either
Daron: It was really just the first quarter. The big run by Allen, the punt return, and the fake fg. Soooooo
Justin: Yes
Daron: One offensive TD. All game. Miami, also features a nasty line (maybe not Bowers/Sapp nasty, but still) and some fast linebackers (Sean Spence et al) and, they’ll be out for blood based on the beatdown which GT bestowed upon them in the previous year
Justin: Keep in mind, however, that Buzz’s colorful gang of runningbacks put a hurting unmatched by anyone else on Miami last year
Daron: Oh, it be all up in my mind n’ shit. And you best believe it’s in Miami’s mind as well. Now, whether their offense can do anything about it, I dunno
Justin: And remember this: Whats the key to stopping the flex?
Daron: A strong kiss in the mouth?
Justin: Answer: Discipline, which, maybe Randy Shannon aside, hasn’t really been the buzzword for Miami teams
Daron: true true, but I feel like that’s a stereo type we roll with probably more than is accurate these days
Justin: its true
Daron: it’s not that last year’s team was undisciplined at it’s core. It was ridiculously young. Which I feel probably led to more discipline concerns on assignments, gaps, etc
I guess I’m saying the discipline wasn’t the root of the issue, rather the youth which led to it so, it MIGHT be rectified somewhat. I dunno, I could also just be talking out of my ass here
Justin: Score?
Daron: I’m not sold on GT. Two very lack luster performances to date. But Miami… one very much overhyped win. I pick GT by 21 hahahaha
Justin: Seems…logical?
Daron: 35-14, somewhere in there. Miami can’t run and GT has an experienced secondary. Is NOT free shoes’ secondary.
Justin: and that one bull they got on the line is F’n ridiculous. Watson?
Daron: oh, Morgan, I believe.
Justin: yes. I’m callin it ugly, 17-13. Miami.
Daron: Ugh. I’ve had enough of those things. If I want that I’ll watch the NFL

* Video of alien from Family Guy

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