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Unbiased Picks: Clemson @ Miami

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Daron: Miami vs. Clemson
Justin: probably the last chance to beat Miami without it being a massive upset
Daron: you know, Mr. Harris and his line has yet to see a pass rush like that of Messrs Bowers and Sapp
Justin: true story
Daron: they are impressive, and their DTs are good too
Justin: there aren’t many teams that sport a duo like that. But i don’t trust Clemson to complete shut em down
Daron: no. hell no.
Justin: and I don’t know if they can score enough
Daron: consistent play for a whole game?
Justin: despite what happened last week
Daron: silly talk. You know, I think they CAN. They have the weapons
Justin: Korn and Parker have combined to go an awesome 6 TDs and 6 Ints
Daron: yeah. Blows my mind
Justin: Parker’s actually completely less than 50%!!
Daron: establish the ground game, run at Sean Spence and Eric Moncur and Co?
Justin: because clemson is so good at using Spiller, do you know how many carries he has?
Daron: we’ve been over this…we went over it earlier. don’t make my head explode
Justin: 94. In 6 games and he’s only averaging 5 per carry
Daron: he is fifth in the conference in rushing yards
Justin: and if i steal his 66 yard carry, he’s got 93 carries for 400 yards. How is that possible
Daron: 466… a little over half of the first place guy \
Justin: yes sir
Daron: Clemson, fifth in the league in rushing yards
Justin: despite Spiller and Recruiting hero Ellington, who despite being a recruiting hero, checks in 4 spots below DAVIN MEGGETT in yards…
Daron: 145.2 per game. number 4 in conf, my b
Justin: they have shut teams down, but one of those was in the BC no offense fest, so stats are a bit skewed
Daron: INTERESTING thing to note: league leader in Ints: McDaniel, from Clemson with five
Justin: dang, and they have 10 as a team
Daron: sooo, be careful throwing
Justin: indeed. Scoreboard?
Daron: my problem is I WANT Clemson to win, but I think Miami has it. 31-27? 31-20? Somwhere round there
Justin: Going with Miami as Florida 2 years ago, I’m gonna say they drop this one in an ugly game
Daron: I can see that
Justin: 24-13
Daron: HELL, I’d LOVE to see that

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