Too much Google Readering? Or not enough?

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Clicked on the Trends link in Google Reader tonight and saw some of my stats. I’ve been in there before but hadn’t realized they’ve been counting my reads for a while.
155,216 items read? That seems like a lot. In almost 5 years, maybe not so crazy. 30k/year. Over 80/day. Yikes. Maybe that is high.

I saw this article on Ars about how RSS is just a waste of time, or worse. (Which is nice since most blogs claim RSS is dead, I read Ars cause they are smarter than everyone else.) A lot of the points they made seemed to me like they just weren’t using it right. I don’t have sites I visit everyday in my reader. I have sites that don’t update all the time, or that publish a lot but I like to read a large percentage of them and I’d rather filter out stuff than visit the site and throw a bunch in my reader. (Ars falls under tech blogs, so I don’t subscribe to their RSS, but I have more stuff from them in my Read It Later than any other site.)

Seeing that crazy number makes me think I might not be doing it right either. If you just look at my last 30 days, I’m reading over 200 per day. I’m not sure that’s even possible. I think part of it is that when using Reeder on my Mac I click quickly to mark things as read, not actually reading them.

It’s about time for a reader fall cleaning. I have my eye on the main culprit. A music blog I follow to help me find new bands. The hit rate is so low that it’s not really worth it. I haven’t found another way I like as much (don’t really like Pandora or last.fm). If Spotify made a little bit of effort, they could do it. Too bad.иконопис

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