Too late for the NBA Finals

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Game 5 of the NBA Finals is about to start. I’ve watched a grand total of 10 or 15 minutes through the first 4 games. I wanted to get into it this year, I really did. Forget that its the Celtics and Lakers, just that it was two teams that seemed to be matched evenly and one that I wanted to win much more than the other, the Celtics.

Problem is the games didn’t start until after 9. There is no point in even starting to watch when I know that I’d have to stay up later than I wanted just to get to halftime. I realize this makes me sound like an old man. Well, I am and I try and get up around 5am each morning to get to work at a reasonable hour.

For Game 4 I was up later than I expected so I checked in before going to bed. The Lakers were up big but the Celtics were playing hard and hitting shots. I wanted to watch the rest but it wasn’t happening. From watching the Sixers come back so many times this year I’ve learned to sense when the tide is starting to turn in a major way.

The best part of the Finals has been that Kimmel is on at 8 on game nights. Each show has been great, his usual show is good but I don’t think anybody watches it. Hopefully people watched these specials, were surprised at how good his show is and will start checking him out at his regular time.

Tip off is coming up and I’ll be watching … probably something else. I’ll check in before bed.

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