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To save myself from Summer TV withdraw I’ve decided to plan my week’s in advance. I’m going to do some research to make sure I don’t miss any specials that tend to sneak by in the Summer. Oh, and Sports.

This week will be especially difficult with all the talk shows on break.


Stanley Cup Finals: Monday (Versus), Wednesday (Versus), Saturday (NBC)

French Open: ESPN2 and The Tennis Channel – Comcast is giving us The Tennis Channel for free for this. Trying to tempt me into purchasing the Sports Package. Little do they know I’m planning on getting it when the college football season starts. That is, if I can hold old during the college baseball regionals.

Now that the important stuff is out of the way, check out the whole week …


Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed (9, The History Channel, 2 hours) – Explores where it came from and why its still so popular.


The Universe (9, The History Channel) – I haven’t watched The History Channel in quite a few years. It was one of my most watched channels back in middle school. I don’t think space when I think The History Channel. This week’s is all about the Sun.


Outrageous TV Moments (8, NBC, 2 hours) – Somehow I always wind up watching these. The perfect summer filler. They have perfected the tease on these shows. Once you start watching you can’t turn it off. You want to know which current TV star appeared on The [enter $ amount here] Pyramid 20 years ago.

Hidden Palms (8, CW) – Seems like The OC, with more people dying. Unless people died often on The OC, I only saw one episode. If they did, then it sounds exactly like The OC.

Traveler (9, ABC, 2 hours) – There was a preview a few weeks ago. I didn’t watch. From what I gathered, three friends are traveling and one of them blows something up and disappears. So I think they are trying to figure out who this person was while also trying to avoid getting blamed for the explosion themselves. That actually doesn’t sound half bad.


Pirate Master (8, CBS) – A reality show about searching for treasure. I’m going to take a wild guess and say whoever gets voted off (or however they do it) will have to walk the plank.

Spelling Bee (8, ABC, 2 hours) – Move this back to ESPN where it belongs. Its just not the same on network primetime TV.

The Office (9, NBC) – The only show that I’m willing to watch a random repeat in no particular order. Other shows I will watch over and over on DVD. It helps that each episode can stand on its own. This is The Coup, where Dwight tries to take Michael’s job.

Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip (10, NBC) – I’m in to the end. I know its not coming back but its Aaron Sorkin and he doesn’t let me down. Really, I should take the time I would to watch this and watch my Sports Night DVDs.


Hmm, looks like you’re on your own.


MythBusters (9, Discovery Channel, 2 hours) – Pirate Special. Do I need to say anything else?


MTV Movie Awards (8, MTV, however long these things last) – I don’t remember the Music Video Awards being good since my Freshman year of college and I don’t ever remember the Movie awards being any good. Sarah Silverman is hosting, which should be better than usual. I feel like Jack Black and Justin Timberlake have hosted everything.

The Sopranos (9, HBO) – Second to last episode. I’m hoping for two things: excitement in the last two episodes and for it to end. I put too much time into the show to quit during the last season, so it needs to end.

Entourage (10, HBO) – I believe this is considered the season finally with the next season starting two weeks later. It seems to me that this season was way too quick. Turns out that it was off from the end of August until April and when it came back it was still the third season.

Shot in the Dark (10:30, HBO) – Documentary about Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase in Entourage) as he tries to find his father.

Any other suggestions for my week. Don’t worry, I’m not planning on watching all of this. Just some things I thought someone might find interesting.

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