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Hopefully the highlight of the week will be the return of Last Comic Standing. Sadly, I fear that it won’t be. Still, with the College World Series starting up I should be able to survive.


NBA Finals
Game 3 @ Cleveland: Tuesday (9, ABC)
Game 4 @ Cleveland: Thursday (9, ABC)
Game 5 @ Cleveland: Sunday (9, ABC, if necessary)

Men’s College World Series
Starts Friday at 2pm on ESPN2. Continues until June 24 or 25 on ESPN and ESPN2.

US Open – Golf
June 14-17 on ESPN/NBC. Taking place at Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, PA.

See the rest of the week in tv …


Big Love (9, HBO) – Season 2 premiere. I haven’t watched this, but its pretty popular.


NOVA (PBS) – Jewel of the Earth. A look at the mysteries of ancient life-forms perfectly perserved in amber. I can’t get enough NOVA. Once I put it on, I’m sucked in.


Last Comic Standing (9, NBC) – Season 5 Premiere. Really? Season 5? Here was my look at the start of Season 4. It looks like they added judges from previous seasons. Hopefully that means the guys from the Tonight Show will be gone.


The Office (9, NBC) – Diwali. The office goes to support Kelly for the Hindu Festival of Lights.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (10, NBC) – The show continues to be half amazing, half worthless. This wee we find out why Matt and Danny got fired.

The Price is Right (11am, CBS) – Bob Barker’s last episode. I’m not a TPIR fan but this is still a pretty big deal.


Nothin doing.


John From Cincinnati (9, HBO) – Watching this depends on the first episode.
Entourage (10, HBO) – Season 4 Premiere. Feels like the last season just ended. Oh … right.

Flight of the Conchords (10:30, HBO) – This seems exceptionally odd. You can watch the first episode on the site. I watched it and for the first few minutes I was intrigued. I had no feeling if it was any good or not, just intriguing. If it would have ended around the 10 minute mark I think I would have liked it. Instead it left me disappointed. I see potential so I might check back in a few weeks from now to see how it goes. I think its worth checking out, definitely different than anything you’ve seen before.

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