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This week the Stanley Cup Finals are wrapping up (unless it goes 7), the NBA Finals are getting started. There is no horse going for the Triple Crown but I’ll still be looking forward to the race. French Open finals are also coming up on the weekend.

Besides sports there isn’t much to look forward to until Sunday with the Sopranos finale and John From Cincinnati premiere. Plus, Brian Regan has a Comedy Central Special.


Belmont Stakes (5, ABC) – No one going for the Triple Crown this year. Still, I’m hooked on this horse racing thing. Just watching, I’m not at the point of betting on it. You can make picks for fun at Ice Cream Helmet.

Stanley Cup Finals
Ducks vs Senators
Game 4 @ Ottawa: Monday (8, NBC)
Game 5 @ Anaheim: Wednesday (8, NBC)
Game 6 @ Ottawa: Saturday (8, NBC)

NBA Finals
Spurs vs Cavaliers
Game 1 @ San Antonio: Thursday (9, ABC)
Game 2 @ San Antonio: Sunday (9, ABC)

French Open
Women’s Final: Saturday (9am, NBC)
Men’s Final: Sunday (9am, NBC)

Check out the week …


Make Over Train (TLC Broadband) – TLC’s first broadband show. They makeover people on the subway in Boston. Oh, they do it in three minutes. I was hoping they were making over the subway car itself. I’m hoping someone figures out this broadband tv so I have to check this out at least to see how they do it. Apparently you will be able to watch it at tlc.com/makeovertrain.


The Universe (9, The History Channel) – Mars.

The Shield (10, FX) – Season Finale. People tell me this is a good show.


American Inventor (9, ABC) – Pat Croce is a judge this year.

Mythbusters (9, Discovery Channel) – Big Rig Myths. They try to find out if an exploding truck tire can kill someone and test if drafting works.

Barbaro (10, HBO) – Haven’t gotten enough of Barbaro? This documentry is very likely excellent, but no one wants to hear any more about it.

Destination Truth (10, Sci-Fi) – Sounds like MythBusters on the road. This week they head to Papua New Guinea to find a mermaid.


The Office (9, NBC) – Grief Counseling. A former regional manager dies and Michael forces everyone into grief counseling.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (10, NBC) – NBC doesn’t even know this is on. Last week’s was listed as a repeat. One thing that could have helped would have been to make the guest host involved every week. Its only happened a few times. This past week Jenna Fischer only appeared on a TV during the goodbye at the end of the show.


Might as well get a Friday night hobby.


The States (10, The History Channel) – I haven’t even heard about this and its almost over. A look at each state, a couple each week. One per week would have been interesting. This week: Virginia, Ohio, Idaho, Alabama, North Dakota.


The Sopranos (9, HBO) – This is it. The finale. The question is do I care more aobut what’s going to happen or that its finally over? We’ll see.

John From Cincinnati (10, HBO) – I have a rule that I watch the first episode of every new HBO show. They don’t come around that often and they have a pretty good track record. From reading the summary it appears the show is about cursed surfers. This guy John shows up, who is a mysterious stranger and all sorts of things happen.

Brian Regan: Standing Up (10, Comedy Central) – New stand up special from Brian Regan.

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