This Season’s New Shows

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By now I’ve have had time to sift through all the new shows from this season that looked promising. Thanks to the strike there haven’t been as many as usual. I used this list to remember which shows were new.

First, I’ll start with the ones I tried and failed.

90210 (CW)
I was too young the first time around. Hearing all the people that were hooked on it, I’m fairly certain I would have been a fan. I tried the new version, and was not impressed. Nothing special about it. Just more spoiled kids, I have enough of that on my schedule.

Fringe (FOX)
Had X-Files like story lines, except no aliens. When you include aliens, at least for me, it makes it more believable. I realize that sounds crazy.

Kath & Kim (NBC)
I like the rest of the NBC Thursday comedies, so I gave this a shot. I was nervous cause I’ve never been much of a Molly Shannon fan. Still, it was getting a lot of buzz (wherever that comes from). I’m not sure where the comedy part came in. I was bored.

Here are the ones that stuck, hope you have HBO.

The Life & Times of Tim (HBO)
It’s a poorly drawn cartoon. It may not look like much at first, but hang in there. Tim is just a regular guy who is very friendly. Of course he winds up in bad situations and while trying to be nice, makes it worse. It is a half hour show but it’s split into 2 15-minute stories.

True Blood (HBO)
I watched the preview shows, but those spent most of their time talking about the history of vampires, which was very cool. However, I almost gave up after the 1st episode. I wasn’t blown away and I already have enough on my plate. I came back and by episode 3, I was hooked. Not only my favorite new show, it might rank up there with my current favorites. There are only 2 more episodes this season, but that is even better if you haven’t watched. This is the perfect DVD show. Something dramatic seems to happen right at the end of each episode so you want to see the next one right away. There are also a ton of storylines you want figured out. If you have HBO, just tear through them On Demand, otherwise be sure to get the DVDs.

And one other not so new show …

Celebrity Rehab (VH1) – Not new, the 2nd season just started. I’m not sure how many people got hooked last season. I thought the 2nd season wouldn’t be as interesting. I was very wrong. Every week I put it on saying I’m only going to watch the first segment then finish the rest later. I always wind up watching the whole thing. You really get to know each of the characters while they try to figure out where their addiction comes from.

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