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Happy Opening Day!

I will not be discussing the following
Opening Night on ESPN2 and Women’s College Basketball on ESPN
The new ESPN score bug; the bottom line
Tony LaRussa being drunk when he put Yadier Molina in the 5 hole
The K Zone having a sponsor

Things I’m willing to discuss
Is Peter Gammons creeping out fans in the stands again this season?
Is there a better baseball call than ‘That is So Taguchi’? It doesn’t even have to be a call related to So, I’d still be for it.
Is the Kit-Kat Blizzard any good?
Is Google the greatest company ever?
My latest addition to my favorite alarm clock ideas.
Which Oregon hat do I want?

I’m just as excited for the baseball season this year. Just not as excited about the Phillies chances. I’m trying some reverse psychology this year. Last year I tried to do the same thing. Then Gavin Floyd tore it up in Spring Training and I thought we’d be unstoppable. It turned out to be the same as the last few years. Weak start. Just when its time to give up they get hot and get all the way back into contention. Then you’re holding on, chewing your fingernails, until the last weekend, then there is disappointment. I fear this year we will start off hot but then fizzle out. Hopefully I’ll be wrong (or exactly right).

I’ve almost forgotten what its like to have the Phillies in the playoffs. Its only happened twice in my life, and the first one doesn’t really count, since I wasn’t even 1 yet. I just remember the entire city going nuts. Billy Penn had a Phillies hat on, there were stores that opened up all over just to sell Phillies shirts. I’m not sure it could be the same as it was then. I’m ready to find out.

I do have some extra reason for optimism. The biggest problems with our lineup have been Burrell, Lieberthal, and Bell. Two of them are gone and Burrell having fun gives me hope. More hope than any other other middle finger has before.

Some things still concern me with the pitching. I have little confidence in Lieber, Moyer, and Eaton (confidence drops off steeply in that order). I’m also worried that Tom Gordon’s arm may fall off. I’m not even talking in September, it could happen sometime in May.

Red Means Go.

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