The Past Week

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Headlines of the Day
Hiccup girl returns home after running away
Squirrel goes on rampage, injures 3

John Mulaney

Check out these bands:
E for Explosion
Sick Puppies
Royal Bliss

Cartel – Lose It – The new single.
Kelly Clarkson – Sober – She canceled the tour so all we’ll have for the summer is the new album. That is likely to be a problem. At least if the rumors are true.
Mae – Brink of Disaster – I like Mae. A lot. They are usually a little to happy for me.
Brand New – Brothers – A B-Side.
Straylight Run – Stream the new album. It comes out this Tuesday.

Kimmel segment on Jake Byrd following Paris Hilton.
Triumph at the Tony’s.

Crossword – No clues, just some of the letters, you do the rest.

Other Links
Zooomr – A possible free alternative to flickr. I’m curious if anyone has had any experience with this.
Article about the company that made The Oregon Trail game.
Alumni buried on the Florida campus?

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