The Past Week

The Past Week No Comment

Some things I came across this week that I still liked when I went to write The Past Week.

Headlines of the Day
Study-Female Cheetahs Sleep Around

Yankees Litsch-slap Blue Jays

Steelers assistant sorry for e-mailing sex video

Other Links
Trying out MyBlogLog. The way I see it used best is that you join the community of the site. Then see what other sites members like to visit. You’ve already got one site in common, maybe you’ll find something new you like.

Great game if you’re looking to kill a few days. I hate these stupidly simple games that suck me in.

Favorite post of the week from my new favorite blog, at least when politics or global warming isn’t the topic. But that’s the whole point of these blogs. Write about want you want and if you come up with something brilliant or at the very least amusing every week or two then I’ll be a fan.

I need to study. Apparently I should have learned all these words six years ago.

Hawthorne Heights – New Song: Come Back Home

The Rocket Summer – New Single: So Much Love

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