The Egde Brownie Pan

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This week on CBS Sunday Morning they covered a couple of inventions/companies people have come up with. Things like pancake batter in a spray can and a traveling shoe shine business. The last one was a pan that is designed to maximize edges when making brownies. I’d seen this item before on random cable channel commercials. I never understood it, but I figured there must be a small market for it. That market just wasn’t me.

While they were interviewing the inventor, he threw out this stat: 80% of men like edge brownies, women are split 50/50. What?!? I thought I was completely normal as a middle brownie person. Apparently I’m in the minority, big time.

I’m curious to find if the stat is true. I want to find out if there are some other traits that determine an edge person or middle person. I also want to know if this is a ‘you complete me’ situation. Meaning that, since I’m a middle, perhaps my perfect mate is an edge person. In that case we wouldn’t get in to fights over brownies. But, thanks to this invention, we’d get into fights over which pan to use.

Watch CBS News Videos Online
Starts around the 5 minute mark.

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