TAL: Duki

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I’m way behind on This American Life. Seriously behind, a year. They are all in my iTunes and I’ve been consistently a year behind for the past year. Meaning that I’ve been keeping up pretty well for the past year. It must have been that I was only listening to it once a month for a while. I explain this because some of the links I share might be really old.

On top of being old, they also replay old episodes that I haven’t heard. Like this one, which is from 2003. Meaning this is from almost eight years ago.

Poultry Slam 2003, in particular Act 1. A story about a stuffed duck named Duki. I love this story because the whole family (except dad) bought into Duki being real, having a voice, having a personality. Years later, and the family still loves Duki and instantly jumps back into character when talking about him. Possibly the best part, and the best part of any episode, is that Ira is so stunned he doesn’t know what to say multiple times during this story.

I probably enjoyed it a bit because I can see my family doing this. Or, that we do, but we think that we are normal because this family is clearly crazier than us. We give our dogs voices but their personalities come from them, because they are not stuffed animals. Although, we also give their stuffed animals personalities and voices. (Yes, the dogs have stuffed animals, they love playing with them, well, tearing them apart.) But that’s for the benefit of the dogs. The stuffed animals talk to them. Normal. Yes. Perfectly sane. Right.

One other thing, the TAL site should let you just listen to individual stories. It would really help it be more social.

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