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What if Super Mario Brothers were released today?

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Somehow I missed this last year. A fan remade the original Super Mario Brothers, at least in video form, if it was made today. It shows the good and bad of today’s games. It looks great but going crazy with the zooming and animations (explosions and blood) are a little over the top. Which is not the fault of the video creator, he is just basing it on the experience of today’s games.

From last year:


And this year’s:


I look forward to SMB3 recreations in a few decades.

First saw on Polygon


Now that you mention the free Banana Case

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The new Donkey Kong Country comes out in a month. I was actually planning on getting it for Christmas Break to play with my sister. We played all the originals together on SNES. She was way better at some of the levels than I was. Anyway, I just saw this in an email from GameStop …

I didn’t know I needed a Banana Case before just now. I mean, how many times have you traveled with your Wiimote and said, “I wish I had some sort of protective fruit shaped cover to put this in.” A lot, right?


XBox 360 and Connect360

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I’ve had the XBox 360 for a while. In fact, I’ve got all 3 systems now. Although I don’t own any games for the PS3, just played a few demos. The PS3 is just for my Blu-Ray needs.

The XBox 360 was an impulse buy after I saw it at someone’s house and Madden just looked spectacular in HD. That, along with the network connectivity has made it my favorite out of the bunch. The Wii is more fun with a crowd, but the XBox wins when I just want to blow stuff up.

I tried hooking the XBox up to the network to watch videos from my computer a few times since I’ve had it. Never with much success. The photo and music streaming worked just fine, but that doesn’t really interest me.

This past week I had a lot of videos that I wanted to try and stream so I could watch them on TV. I had my fingers crossed that the NXE update might have worked out some of the issues that held me back previously. I’m not sure if it’s the videos I have are just better suited or if the update really did fix things. The videos look great and fill the widescreen nicely. It also has had no issues resuming from the spot I was previously at.

I have a Mac, so I have to use Connect360 to get the XBox to see my files. It took next to no effort to get working. The trial let’s you share 5 video files to the XBox. It’s only $20. If I find that I’m still using this next week, which is likely, I’m going to purchase it.


Guitar Hero: Stand or Sit?

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Christmas meant a Guitar Hero comeback. My preferred method is standing. I can do it sitting, but I’m much better standing up.


Links for June 23

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Promo for The Cleveland Show – At first I thought this was a dumb idea but after the promo and getting back into American Dad I am now on board.

Be a star in our reasonably priced car – Try out the Top Gear track.

Wii Fit damage. I knew this was coming as soon as I set mine up. You need a bit of room to be moving about. I especially see issues at first for the unbalanced gamers.

WGN did a turn back the clock game. They covered the game as if it were 1948.

Uni Watch took over uniform duties for the Camden River Sharks. I wish I would have remembered, I would have gone.

Jim Caple on Page 2 ranks the best single sports years for a city. The winner? Philly in 1980-81. That’s right, I just missed the best sports year for any city ever.

Bob Uecker’s Yacht Wrecked By Freighter – A rule I have is anything I find mildly interesting that involves Bob Uecker, I share.

Fahrenheit – The new coaster at Hershey Park drops at 97 degrees. I haven’t been to Hershey in a few years, I think its time to go back.

If you’re dog and Roomba don’t get along, yell at your robot.

Top Five Roadkill Sites in North America
– Actually the list is for top sites where turtles are run over. I was surprised that roadkill was tracked. I’m even more surprised they keep track by animal. The #1 site wins with a score of 2070 turtles killed per mile. That seems like a lot.

Gizmodo loves their LEGO posts. Apparently there was some sort of convention.
LEGO Death Star video
Pictures of the LEGO Death Star
LEGO Business ‘Card’
LEGO Airbus A380

New video from Bo Burnham – i’m bo yo.


Links for June 4

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Obama Apologizes for messing up a reporter’s game – This is from 06. Obama called on a reporter and said he had a baby face. The reporter said this caused him to lose his shot with another reporter. Obama called him and appologized. The audio is in the link.

Dippin’ Dots lost its patent – This makes me feel better. I was worried there would be an ice cream monopoly in the future.

Trump Marina to become Margaritaville – When I think Margaritaville, I think tropical. When I think tropical, I think Atlantic City.

Storm Chasing Tours – I got the idea in my head that I wanted to go on a tornado chase. This is what I found. They are pricey and appear to fill up quick. Better hurry.

Drunk driver runs into bike race. The picture is unbelieveable.

????????Wale – The Mixtape About Nothing – I thought this was a joke and just listened to see how bad it would be. I wound up listening to the whole thing and it was good. Apparently I just wasn’t aware and Wale is very good and very popular.

Electronics Energy Costs – See how much some common electronics cost to use or just be plugged in.

How Guitar Hero DS Works – I thought it looked ridiculous. With these instructions they are purposely making it appear even more ridiculous.

Wii Fit Parody – Technically this isn’t far from the truth. I still like the Wii Fit.

1989 Upper Deck Griffey Card – I don’t have this one in my collection. Reading this made me look around eBay but I’m out of the loop on baseball card grading.

Top 10 Announcers in Sports Movies

Worst First Pitches of All Time

10 Worst Broadcasters in Sports – Hits all the important ones. Dick Vitale and Chip Carey are way too high on the list.


Smash Bros Hottest Party

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I’ve spent most of my video game time recently on my Xbox 360 … playing Xbox games, go figure. I’m trying to make up for not playing Halo in college. I got all 3 Halo games and started from the beginning. I beat the first one last week and I think I’m half way through the second. Before that I finally beat Gears of War, I took my sweet time getting to that.

The Wii hasn’t gotten as much attention. Guitar Hero was gone for a few weeks because I sent it back in to get the fixed version with surround sound. It’s back and I bought a second guitar used at GameStop ($50 instead of $70, not bad).

On Saturday my sister bought DDR for the Wii. That one is going to take some practice to get down. The game supports up to 4 dance pads. Our family room can’t really handle 4 of them but a second pad may be needed. On Sunday Smash Bros Brawl came out. I’d never played the previous versions of the game but this one was getting such great reviews I decided to go for it. I got it home and was all excited to play. I got into the main menu and it went crazy. The selector was jumping all over the place, I couldn’t pick a game mode. I thought maybe my Wiimote was screwed up so I tried a different one, still crazy. I restarted a bunch of times, still crazy. Tired a different game and that was fine. I looked online and there were a bunch of problems since this is the first dual-layer disc. Most of those problems don’t even let the game load so I didn’t think it was that. Also, to fix that problem you have to send your Wii back to Nintendo. I decided to try and get into the game by timing my selections. It took a while but once I got into a fight, there was no problem. Weird. The game supports GameCube controllers so I thought I’d try that and see if it was just Wiimotes. That’s when I saw it. The DDR dance pad was still connected and my sister had folded it up and shoved it behind the TV. So essentially every button was being pressed at the same time causing the game to flip out. As soon as I unplugged the dance pad, no problem. I spent an hour thinking my Wii was busted all because the dance pad was left plugged in.


NCAA Football 08

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Where have I been this week? NCAA Football 08 came out on Tuesday for Xbox 360. I picked it up at Best Buy during my New Music Tuesday trip. For those interested, during my NMT trip I picked up Yellowcard and The Rocket Summer. I highly recommend both of them.

I did not have last year’s NCAA game. I had NCAA 06 for PS2. Last year I went with Madden when I bought my 360. So I apologize in advance if some of my favorite new features were actually new last year.

The graphics are so smooth. The only times the frame-rate seems to drop is when a on-screen graphic is attempting to be displayed. The on-screen graphics are quite large and bright. They also do a poor job indicating if the stats being displayed are for the game or season. What matters is the actual game action, and that is pretty much perfect.


New Tuesday

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Animaniacs Volume 3 and Pinky & the Brain Volume 3 – Animaniacs is my favorite cartoon ever. It was the show I would watch every day when I got home from school. Pinky & the Brain were so good they got their own spin-off. I still think of them all together as one big ball of greatness. A few years ago Toon Disney (I’m pretty sure that was the channel) started showing Animaniacs at 6pm. I caught a few shows and it was as great as I remembered. A lot of the shows I loved when I was younger are horrible to watch now. Saved By the Bell and Alf come to mind first. Animaniacs stands up to time unbelievably well. Freakazoid!, my 2nd favorite cartoon ever, might actually be better. Its been a few years since I’ve seen Freakazoid! In college we were able to track down the show online and it was fantastic. I haven’t had a chance to pick up the first two volumes of these shows, but I might have to grab at least one volume this week.
Reno 911: Miami – I have yet to watch the show. The movie trailer looked funny so I will be checking out the movie. If I like it, then I will start getting the seasons on DVD. If you think I will like it, you can try and persuade me to move it up in the Netflix queue.

Some albums I will be checking out, not necessarily buying but a lot of them have free streams this week.
Lifehouse – Who We Are
Straylight Run – The Needles The Space – I listened to this one and its very slow, which is too be expected. I heard the new single, Soon We’ll be Living in the Future, on Sirius and really like it. With Straylight Run I find that there are handful of songs that I love but the rest of the album I don’t care for.
The Junior Varsity – Cinematographic

SimCity DS – If I was in a position to play my DS a lot this would be a perfect game. I have loved every SimCity game.
Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition – I didn’t play this one on GameCube but it got such high praise. This version sounding even better, plus its only $30.


New Tuesday

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New releases for June 12, 2007.

Paramore – Riot! – I enjoyed their last album and gave the stream of the new album a listen. I enjoyed it as well. However, it won’t make the purchase list this week. There is too much on the list for the next few weeks.
Cauterize – Disguises – I’ve always liked their sound. Take a listen on their MySpace.
Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur – Covers of John Lennon songs. I’m curious to hear the cover by Mick Fleetwood and Jack’s Mannequin.

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (Wii) – I haven’t played the DS version, I assume its nearly identical to Brain Age. How will this translate to the Wii?
Tenchu Z (Xbox 360) – Any game description that starts with ‘Become the ultimate ninja assasain’ has my instant attention. I checked Game Rankings and so far two reviews gave it an average of 87%. I need a little more than that but things look good so far.

Nothing very exciting this week.
Ghost Rider – I had no desire.
Breach – I don’t even remember it coming out.
Office Seasons 1&2 – Not really new, just selling them together. I think I saw you get a free ticket to Evan Almighty with it. If you don’t have these seasons yet then buy them with or without the free ticket.