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Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks – RAPID FYYYYRE

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Justin: since there’s not a whole lot else interesting, lets change this up. And do a rapid fire?

Daron: okay. Rapidfire…Orrrr, RAPIDFYYYRE!

Justin: works for me. back and forth, 3 each

Daron: Um, ok

Justin: OK. PSU-MSU

Daron: PSU, but not pretty, or by much…28-24….ooooookkkkkk….any questions? or just games?

Justin: i would go with games, but it’s up to you…go nuts

Daron: ok: Worse fall – Mizzou or KU?

Justin: oh Kansas for sure. You ruined Todd REEEEEEESING’s senior year, there’s a Mangino disaster, and they get Texas this week. Mizzou has at least Gabbert (though some don’t like him) and weren’t supposed to be awesome anyway.

Daron: good answer

Justin: Word up. OK: more hilarious: Syracuse football or Louisville football?

Daron: Oh God. Probably the VILLE, because, well, look at that steep fall. Also, Cuse knew they were gonna be bad. UL’s HAPPENED…immediemente, and well, they’re both just horrible now. UL has fewer excuses, too. it’s at least near decent recruiting turf…Cuse is less so

Justin: I like Syracuse’s assumption: “You know? .500 ball isn’t for us, so let’s bring in GERG”

Daron: hahahaha…ohhhh, Paul Pasqualoni, where art thou

Justin: laughing, somewhere. Laughing hysterically.

Daron: yeah, saying, “Shoulda let me run the freeze option”

Justin: haha word. Ok next topic.

Daron: Oregon State: How?! HOW?!?! HOW?!?!?!?! (do they manage to win 9-10 games a year)

Justin: I think Mike Reilly is pretty excellent at getting the most out of his talent and its pretty damn good at bringing in skill guys and some defense (though less this year since they managed to give up 42 to USC). I’m gonna ask you the easiest question ever to close this week: Name the five greatest tacklers in the history of college football

Daron: please: It’s DIZON, DIZON, DIZON, DIZON, AND DI-ZON! Because he spits hot fire


Justin: BOOM Ok last question, go!

Daron: Ul-Mon vs. UL Laf GO!

Justin: A true clash of the heavyweights!

Daron: Hell to the yes! 7 pm!

Justin: These teams are easily in the top 6 schools in Louisiana. Only LSU, Tulane, La Tech and the Lake Charles School for the Deaf can claim to be as good as these squads

Daron: So very true!

Justin: So my guess is that they will play a triple OT game and decide that their football is too evenly matched and that the world isn’t ready for someone to win this game. And it will be declared a Tie!

Daron: it’s an intriguing notion! I like that!