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Rachel Maddow talks about the claim that she’s running for the Senate

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Last night on The Rachel Maddow Show, she talked about how she was mentioned in a Scott Brown fundraiser email claiming she would be running for the Senate against him in 2012. A producer came on to interview Rachel. I’ve watched a lot more of her show this week since there has been so much going on. Stephen Colbert is the only person I can think of who seems to have as much fun being on TV.

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Scenes from the White House

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The White House has a flickr account. They went all in pretty quickly, already up over 300 pictures. I haven’t had a chance to check them all out, but I think I already found my favorite …


Also from the White House today, this awesome picture of Al Franken meeting with Joe Biden. I hadn’t really thought about how cool it is that Franken is going to (should already) be a Senator until I saw this picture. He looks very senatorial (a word?).



Political Links – October 23

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I have a habit of collecting links and never sharing or doing anything with them. I only have a backlog of about 200 in my Google Bookmarks. Who knows how many are pasted into documents around my computer. Today I saw a couple of good election related articles so I dug through to find the best political related items I found over the past few months.

Rick Reilly asked the candidates to pick a fantasy team with him. Only Obama agreed to it. Reilly and Obama spent a half hour picking the team. Obama did pretty well with his picks. Now in today’s NFL anybody can get lucky in a week. In my opinion, to prove yourself you have to be able to defend your guesses with reasons that seem valid at the time. After the next game, 60% of those guesses are likely to be proven wrong. He seemed to know his stuff from what Reilly shared. The part that really makes him a winner: he was checking all day on Sunday to see how his team was doing. He even emailed Reilly to say he was wrong about one pick and they should have gone with the guy Reilly wanted.

Larry David sums up how everyone I know is feeling. Let’s get this election over with.

John McCain Gets BarackRoll’d – Someone spent way too much time working on this.

Palin as President – If you can stomach it, play around with what Sarah Palin’s Oval Office might be like.

I wish I was still at Penn State so I could have gone to oPROMa. Any suggestions on how to combine this with something sports themed? I think if you combine those two it would be perfect.

McCain loves talking about Obama’s $3 million overhead projector that he secured funding for a planetarium in Chicago. When McCain first said it I pictured a crappy projector in a conference room at work. Not the case. I want to go to that planetarium.

Sarah Silverman has started a movement known as The Great Schlep. You should have heard of it by now, but just in case, watch the videos. She wants grandchildren to go to Florida and convince their Jewish grandparents to vote for Obama. Threaten them that you won’t visit them anymore if you must.

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Republicans are so much fun

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The Daily Show using clips from the same people just months apart contradicting themselves. It’s almost like they don’t listen to themselves. Oh, wait.


Links for March 27th

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I thought this was a great post about why Hilary is doing so well in PA. Possibly the best thing I’ve seen written about the election so far.

Incompetent people are clueless. From this Dilbert Blog entry.

Fake Craigslist ad said everything in this guy’s house was free for the taking.

A corn flake that looks like Illinois. Personally, I think it looks more like Texas than Illinois.

Adam Carolla Show – Reinactment One of my favorite things about the Carolla Show is when they read a news item or hear a story and then do dialogue as if they are the people in the story. Confused? Well this one is an actual segment with the purpose of reenacting an event.

A home paternity test. Something tells me this will lead to a large number or practical jokes.

Celebrity Family Feud. Why did this take so long to happen?

The NFL going to require haircuts? This should wait until after the first person gets injured from being tackled by their hair. Just something I we all need to actually see, as a lesson.

Top Hybrids of 2008

A Focus Convertible? So hot.



Week Links

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The Colbert links are all over the place thanks to his book release and his Presidential Bid.

Watch – On Larry King, this link is to the Larry King iTunes podcast. CNN doesn’t seem to have any direct links to their podcasts.

Read – From the New York Times Op-Ed page. He wrote Maureen Dowd’s column for her.

I’ve very excited for his run in South Carolina. Anyone who thinks this is a joke that will make a mockery of the primary process has not been paying attention to the primary process. Right now his focus is getting the signatures to get on the Democratic ballot. The $25,000 to get on the Republican ballot is going to be more difficult. Why does it cost so much to get on the ballot? Shouldn’t the chance to run for office be open to anyone? I thought signatures were fairly standard, or having to go and fill out a form and pay a processing fee, but one a little more realistic. The next step needs to be voter registration. At the very least a ton of people who have never voted before will register and go to the polls. A decent showing could spawn a write-in campaign across the country. In the end, two things are accomplished: more people are registered to vote and people take notice that the whole process is actually a joke. Who knows, maybe by defending his right to be in the race he can get some of the other candidates to defend their words and be honest.

During taping of Conan one night this week an alarm went off. Conan rolled with it and they wound up keeping it in the show. It continued when the next guest, Paget Brewseter, came out.

I’ve been concerned that Conan might not be able to be successful on The Tonight Show when he takes over. I think he’s great, but, to me, The Tonight Show is an entirely different audience. An audience that enjoys Jay Leno, which I cannot understand how that’s possible. After seeing how he played this I realize how truly great he can be and that he can work with any situation. That will make him successful in the new time slot. I’m just hoping he doesn’t change too much and keep the consistent boredom that is the current Tonight Show.

More Goods
Best Dilbert Blogs that I read this week. They may be a little older, I had some catching up to do.
Indoor Recreation – Just for his idea for the Ping Pong Palace.
Some People – Sometimes, you just want to kill someone for no particular reason.

North American Vexillological Association – Flags, flags, and more flags. The kind of site that you think is dumb, and then a few hours go by and you are still looking at it.

The videos follow …



Newsvine Election Poll

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I thought this little widget was pretty cool. Its still way to early to start election talk around here. Next year, expect a lot on that topic on here.