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Must Go: Any Minor League Stadium

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Minor League Baseball is having a contest to determine the best ballpark food. To be socially relavant, they are calling it a #foodfight. It’s the sort of thing I have to warn you in advance that you will become hungry or drool on your keyboard.


It’s broken down into four categories: Gut Busters, Hots N Dogs, Local Legends, and Scrumptious Sandwiches.

Your natural instinct might be to stick with Gut Busters, but don’t sleep on the other categories. You might even find something local. I’ve been to the State College Spikes, but I had no idea they had a spam pizza (nominated in the Local Legends category).

But really, must go to Rochester and haz cheeseburger plate.


Must Go: Provo

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This picture is on the front page of right now, for their hype for the TCU/BYU game tonight.

Lavell Edwards Stadium 3

I don’t remember seeing LaVell Edwards Stadium from this angle before. I think a trip to Provo has moved onto the must visit list and moved up pretty far into that list.

Source: BYU Athletics Photo Gallery