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Who’s doing StubHub’s advertising?

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Prepared to be confused …

You know what. I don’t have anything else to add. A ticket oak? It just makes no sense. I guess that’s the idea?


Spam gets a spokescharacter

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Why don’t you watch this ad first.


Now I’ve never had spam, so maybe I’m not supposed to get it. Here’s what I see:
1) My egg carton is making noise, muffled screams even.
2) Sir Can-O-Lot is a tiny egg sized knight.
3) He wants you to mix things up and try Spam with eggs.

I do like the idea of pushing Spam as a complementary ingredient. According to the article, that is their “Break the Monotony” campaign, mentioned in the ad, that started a few years ago.

Why a knight? He’s not a tiny cute and cuddly cartoon character you’d expect. Is spam trying to be harder than that? AdAge mentioned a crusade against the routine campaign, which makes sense, but I’m not a fan of.

It’s their 75th anniversary, they couldn’t have gone with tradition, even if the campaign is going against tradition?

Looking forward to the Sir Can-O-Lot pack-ins so kids can get their own cuddly knight.

From AdAge