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International Travel Destinations

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I have yet to travel outside the country. I’ve had my passport for a few years, just in case the chance came where I might go to Canada. It’s not a pressing issue, as there are plenty of places inside the country that I have yet to visit. Still, with the Olympics I am reminded of all the places I want to go.

1. Egypt – I’m a sucker for history, museums, and shiny things. Egypt gives me all of these in one place. I’ve also never ridden a camel.
2. Rome – See Egypt. For some reason Egypt just beats out Rome.
3. Scotland/Ireland – Maybe a surprise choice considering the first two things I thought of to do are golf and drink. I’d be curious to find some relatives. Oh, and castles!
4. Australia/New Zealand – Have you seen it? It just looks amazing. Kangaroos, reefs, and if I’m ever going to see an opera, shouldn’t I go to the Sydney Opera House?
5. Antarctica – Cooold. I can’t get enough of the cold, so I might as well really put that to the test. I’m not sure there is much going on down there but there must be something good.


Top 5 TV Channels

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1. Comcast Sportsnet – Its just too perfect. Not only do they show the Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers but the Post Game shows for all of them are fantastic. The Eagles Post Game show is two hours every week, and how many other teams have the state’s current govenor as an analyst? The fact that you can’t get this channel on satellite not only has kept me from ever considering a dish but makes me worry that I can’t ever move out of CSN viewing area.
2. ESPN (all of them) – I hate SportsCenter and just about every show except for Around the Horn, PTI, and Baseball Tonight. They show so many big games I have to watch, even if its on mute. Big points go to ESPNews (I can’t wait to have ESPNews HD full time) because they show highlights, that’s all I need.
3. Comedy Central – The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. They should just show these on a loop as their own channel and I’d be in. I don’t even have to mention South Park to get this ranking. Ok, I’ll mention South Park. I remember not too long ago being worried that they might be slowing down. After this season, it may go on forever. By this point in the Simpsons run I was bored.
4. NBC – Here is my list of NBC shows: The Office, Scrubs, My Name is Earl, 30 Rock, Heroes, Chuck, Friday Night Lights, Conan, Saturday Night Live, and Last Comic Standing. I looked at the other networks and I only watch 2 or 3 shows on each of them.
5. CBS – There are a lot of channels even for this final spot. I went with quality. The only shows I watch on CBS are How I Met Your Mother and Letterman. All of the other contenders have slightly above average shows.

Up and Comer: HGTV. Ever since I got this channel in HD I started watching more. For some reason I love shows about kitchens. I don’t like to cook so I think its the number of creative designs and gadgets that can go in a kitchen. HGTV also has a lot of shows about houses. Either shopping for them or looking at expensive or interesting ones.


Top Five Favorite Game Shows

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I was just thinking the other day about some of my favorite game shows and remembered back to Freshman Year when for most of my Spring Semester, my roommate Ben and I would watch the Game Show Network for at least six hours per day. I think it began as both of us thinking the other was watching and didn’t care to change the channel. It became tradition and actually is one of the best things to just have on in the background when doing homework or whatever. I’m not a fan of the Food Network and can’t watch CNN or MSNBC (except of course for Countdown). Even if we would have had ESPNEWS that just repeats the same stuff most of the day. Thinking about it if I’m ever working at home GSN might be exactly what I’d put on.

Here are my favorite game shows ever:

5) Lingo – A simple game that is great to play along with. During my Sophomore Year of college we didn’t get GSN off campus so I was the only one who had seen it. I was able to find it online and it led to countless hours (late into the night) of my friends playing Lingo online. It got pretty crazy with fights breaking out in the Lingo Waiting Room.
4) Press Your Luck – Watching it now I don’t get it but I loved this game when I was younger. Probably because you have the excitement of the big board and the questions are at a 3rd grade level.
3) Jeopardy – If I get in the habit of watching this I get better at it and then I get hooked.
2) Idiot Savants – No one seems to remember this one. It was on MTV in the mid-90s. The categories were completely random, testing your useless knowledge. The questions were right in my wheelhouse and the host made fun of the contestants.
1) Two Minute Drill – The best sports game show, no question. From what I remember there were four people asking the contestant questions. This included sports celebrities, some of whom weren’t the best or quickest at reading the questions. I don’t think any show has ever fit more questions into a single half hour.

I could actually name a lot more. Besides GSN, if you have Nick Games and Sports, always worth checking out for the old Nick game shows. MTV needs one of these channels to also show Remote Control and Sand Blast as well as the old Rock n Jocks.