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Deleting emails from Gmail using iPhone Mail … finally!

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I’ve talked about this before. How Gmail is treated differently in just about every program (link) and I’ve been using the new Gmail iOS app to do any deleting of messages in Gmail (link).

First, I’m using Google Sync on my iPhone (and iPad). That enables me to have push Gmail and use multiple Google calendars. This has nothing to do with the Gmail iOS app. For Gmail, you setup your iPhone to what the iPhone things is an Exchange server to sync emails, contacts, and calendars. You use the regular Email app that comes with the iPhone to access your Gmail. The problem with this setup was when you attempted to delete an email, it only removed it from your inbox. It would still stick around in your ‘All Mail’ in Gmail. While I like having the ability to Archive things, I delete A LOT more.

I got home today and saw this tweet:

After you follow that link, you are instructed to load up the Mobile Sync settings on your phone: All you have to do it check a box for each device and then things actually get deleted. Also in this screen you can pick which calendars show up on your phone. There is a ‘send as’ option too, which I think lets you change your ‘from:’ field.

Is it sad that finding out about this was the best part of my day?


I was going to use iCloud email

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I’m getting sick of Gmail, and it’s only for one reason: it doesn’t like to delete things. Whenever I come across an application for email, I have to test of Gmail actually deletes when the app tells it to delete. Sometimes, when Gmail gets a request to delete a message, it just archives it. I like the idea of archiving, it’s so much easier than having to put everything in to folders. I just have this weird thing, when I hit delete, I mean delete, not archive.

Here is a quick look at how each client I use behaves when I click Delete.
Outlook – Delete
Apple Mail – Archive
Gmail on iPhone Mail – Delete (there is a setting asking you if you want to use archiving, I leave it as deleting)
Gmail (as Exchange) on iPhone Mail – Archive

That last one is important, because that is the only way to get push mail to work for Gmail on the iPhone. I’d also like Apple Mail to work. For the next few months I still need to use Outlook for school, so I’ll have it open a lot. Once that is gone, I’ll hopefully be rid of Outlook.

I looked around for which services offer push mail on the iPhone. All I could really find was Yahoo! and iCloud. I’m not going to use Yahoo! Mail. iCloud is free and I was curious to give it a shot. Yes I’d be going even further into the Apple ecosystem, but it seemed fairly harmless. It’s IMAP afterall.

Why I gave up on iCloud Mail after after a few hours …

  • Rules don’t have Make As Read as an option. This was the no question dealbreaker. I have tons of rules in Gmail for all the mailing lists I’m on. I don’t want to unsubscribe from them, but I also don’t need my phone alerting me to those emails coming in as new, I’ll get to them later.
  • No Send As option. I have my domain which I forward my email to whichever service I’m actually using. I’d prefer everyone use that email in case I find a new service I want to switch to. In that case, which could have been now, I won’t have as much pain telling people to start using a new email address. They likely won’t even know.

iCloud Mail works as simple email. The web app looks nice, it works well on the phone and email apps. Most importantly, delete actually deletes. I’d recommend you try it out if you are in the market for just email. If you are looking for something a little more than basic, then maybe stick to Gmail.

I’m open to something new. As usual, I’m going to keep my eye open for new email servies. They don’t seem to pop up that often anymore.