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Meat Robot and Brewers Vouchers

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Myq Kaplan – Meat Robot
meat-robot-front-coverI’ve been trying to utilize Spotify to listen to more comedy albums. I’ve queued up some new ones and some classics. Myq Kaplan obviously falls into the newer category, and this album was released this year. I’m not going to be sharing every one I listen to. So the fact that it’s here means that I really enjoyed it. He has a lot of really smart humor (I’m a sucker for math jokes) and is quite skilled in the deadpan misdirection.

Album Links: Amazon Spotify

Brewers offering $10 concession vouchers at August home games
My trip to Wisconsin in a few weeks just got $10 cheaper. The team says they were planning this before Ryan Braun’s suspension, but now it’s being tied to that not just because of timing but because the amount the team won’t have to pay Braun the rest of this season is very similar to how much this program will cost. It sounds like the vouchers can be used on just about anything in the stadium: food, beverages, tickets (where I assume you get another voucher), and merchandise. You can hang on to them and combine them, so that’s cool for season ticket holders who could save up a few hundred bucks during the month and go crazy at the team store.

Me? I imagine my $10 will go toward a hot dog and ice cream helmet.


Mark Twain Prize: Bill Cosby

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On PBS this week they aired the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor which was presented to Bill Cosby. If you have a chance to watch it, do it. It’s outstanding. Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and a bunch of others pay tribute to Cosby. They mixed in a lot of clips from his standup and tv work. This is the audio of his Chocolate Cake bit which was shown during the show.

I didn’t think it was possible but after watching this I’m even more excited to see him perform in May.

Here is the list of past winners. That’s some lineup.


Moppo’s Dead

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Larry King was on Kimmel last week. Jimmy really wanted him to tell this story. That’s a winning idea on two fronts: it was a funny story and it took up a whole segment where Larry King might have talked about anything else.


Joe Wong on Letterman

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I don’t get it, but I laughed.


Cookie Monster on Colbert

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I could post from Colbert everyday. Here he reports about fruit passing cookies as the most popular snack for children under 6. Logically he blames Cookie Monster, now that he is advocating healthy food and cookies as only a sometimes food.


Triumph at The Belmont

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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog went to the Belmont Stakes. I post this because its great and to see how well Hulu embedded videos work.


Links for June 10

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Carolla did Made Up Movies again yesterday, Part 1 and Part 2. This continues to be my favorite segment on the show, which is really saying something.

David Sedaris on The Daily Show – Enjoyable interview. One of the few people who’s books I will go out and get, then actually read.

Bo Burnham – New Math – New YouTube Song from Bo. I saw him open for Joel McHale.

Chris Bosh on Leno
– He reports from the NBA Finals for Leno. The second thing I’ve found funny on Leno in a month, doubling my lifetime total.

Pool Pogo Stick – At first I thought it was funny and worthless. Now, I kind of want one.

Water Slide with Loop – You get started by dropping through a trap door. Something seems dangerous about this.

Pillow Rings – Someone must have gotten tired of having knuckles imprinted on their cheek.

Disney World in 3D – Travel to Disney World inside of Google Earth.

You’ve Been Left Behind – Worried that you won’t get to say good-bye to your loved ones after you’ve been raptured. This site will email what you have stored on the site to who you select within 6 days of the rapture. How do they know the rapture has occured? Here is what they say: “This occurs when 3 of our 5 team members scattered around the U.S fail to log in over a 3 day period. Another 3 days are given to fail safe any false triggering of the system.” Oh, and its not free. $40 for the first year but they expect a lot of signups so future years should be cheaper.


Links for May 1

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I saw Joel McHale last week. Bo Burnham opened for him. I thought he was very good. He sings lots of odd songs and is only 17.

I was browsing the iTunes Podcast Directory looking for some new ones to listen to. I wound up adding a bunch of NPR podcasts. Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! is the best of the bunch. Its weekly, on Saturdays, look at news items from the past week with a sense of humor.

New David Sedaris in The New Yorker. Not my favorite, its all about smoking. Still, its David Sedaris, so its worth reading.

A touching story of a balding penguin.

Photoshopping what each candidate would look like in 4 years.

Police Log from The Daily Collegian.
Always one of my favorite parts of the paper, this one doesn’t disappoint.

One of my softball teammates’ man cave was featured on a PSU blog this week.

Some Lists …
Philly is #1 place to live for new grads.

Pittsburgh gets a #1, but for sootiest. Here is the full list.

Top 50 comedy sketches. #50 is cowbell. So either the list is terrible or there are about 40 hilarious sketches I’ve never seen.

Top 50 TV Shows of All Time – See how far you get until you have to stop because you realize the list is worthless. I got to #49. Then I flipped to #48 and they redeemed themselves.


What I Should Have Said Was Nothing

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Last night was Comedy Central’s premiere of Mike Birbiglia’s special, What I Should Have Said Was Nothing. It was on at midnight. Midnight? Usually specials are put on Sunday nights in some prime spot. If its a Comedy Central Presents that will be on Saturday Night at 10. This was his own special. It is Comedy Central so I hope they replay it constantly so that everyone gets to see it.

I’m a fan of Mike Birbiglia’s blog, which he calls his Secret Public Journal. On occasion I hear him as a radio guest reading those posts. He has the type of delivery that after you hear him read a few of them you start to pick up his style when reading them on your own. His delivery might not catch you right away if you happen to come across him on TV. Give it a shot, its worth it.

I also like his routine because he makes me think, ‘Hey, I have some stories, will people pay me to tell them?’ His stories aren’t ridiculous or obscene. A lot are about his family or odd situations he’s been in. Then he became popular so now he has stories about places he’s preformed or his celebrity status. If it only were as easy as he makes me think it is.