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Hands-Free Liftgate

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Is this a common thing? I haven’t seen it before and I want it.

I was looking around online at cars. My car is almost at its 3rd birthday. I’m not planning on getting rid of it, I can’t until I graduate. My last car was a 3-year lease, so I am just used to looking at this point in ownership.

I wound up on Ford’s C-Max site and am plenty intrigued. These should come out in plenty of time for when I will want to buy something. I want something efficient and VW has been terribly slow in improving things, besides diesel. But my future car thoughts aren’t why I brought you by.

Look at this thing! You just wave your foot under the bumper and as long as you have your smart key in your pocket, it will open for you.

1. Does it only open? What about closing? I have the issue of not having a free hand to close the trunk a whole lot more than needing to open it. I really had to think of a case when I would need this to open.
2. What could potentially set it off? If you get out of your car (meaning you are close enough for the key) and a squirrel runs under the car, might that open the trunk?
3. Why are we stopping at the trunk? How about opening the driver’s door for me?

I searched around and found this was first announced a few months ago. I also saw a bunch of comments saying this was a dumb idea. I don’t get the complaining. It’s an additional feature. It doesn’t change any usual usage and if you weren’t told about it, you probably would never even know it was there.