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More LEGO, More Doctor Who

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LEGOs and BBC have been dominating posts recently, I mention those because it will continue.

LEGO Breaking Bad Lab
legobreakingbadThis isn’t official, just awesome. $250 of awesome. At that price, they should break it up a bit. I think they’d sell quite a few packs of minifigs. The town isn’t quite as developed as The Simpsons. However, there are a few things that should be released after this:

  • The RV
  • The White House (with pizza on the roof)
  • El Pollo Loco!!!!
  • Pest Control Tent, so you can turn any of your existing LEGO houses into a cook site.


Doctor Who Mr. Potato Head
doctorwhopotatoheadThis one is official and only $25. The Doctor is much more consumer friendly than meth cooks/dealers. I don’t really like all the variations of Mr. Potato Head. I love the original, but all these branded ones are a bit much. Most of that is likely due to the fact if I bought one, I’d have a thousand. Just from Doctor Who, why not all the Doctors? Throw in the companions while you’re at it.

Doctor Who Blu-Ray Set
I was browsing Amazon for the Doctor Who seasons and specials. I know I can stream them again on Netflix or Amazon but I wouldn’t mind having the discs. I’ve looked before but it quickly gets confusing. The older seasons are only on DVD. Then I have to take the time to figure out which specials aren’t included in the season sets and where to find them. Eventually I give up.

Today when I searched I came across the almost perfect set. It includes all the episodes including specials since the show returned 7 seasons ago. Everything on Blu-Ray, with the older stuff upconverted. It even includes a Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote. (Side story: for Christmas my sister got me a TARDIS, but she wanted it to serve some use, so she got a TARDIS USB hub. So just a Sonic Screwdriver wouldn’t make sense, but one that is a remote, ok, I’m listening.) Actually the screwdriver is a bit much, from what I was reading it usually sells for $100 or more. And that presents part of the problem. The set has a $350 retail and is currently $315 on Amazon. It doesn’t come out until November. I know with most releases Amazon sticks close to the retail until the release week when the movie or show is on sale everywhere, then they match it. But I read somewhere that they had a similar Limited Edition set up through the 6th season and that sold out quickly. I have some time to wait. They may release the seasons individually next year, which they should for the people who have bought the more recent Blu-Rays.