Summer Notebook

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I still have a few things in my notebook from the summer, meaning I didn’t keep a notebook the entire semester and I’m a little upset about that. I’ll clean it out now and hopefully that will encourage me to fill it with some new things.


Do walkie-talkies have infinite battery life? Whenever the world comes to an end they seem to be the only electronic device that keeps on going.

On Cash Cab a contestant named David called his partner David. I hadn’t though of this before, but I’m against same name marriage.

On the way to work one day this summer I saw a guy picking a CD out of his visor CD case. It was like I was in a time machine.

Things I don’t get that people love to talk about online: Happy Potter, U2, Adele.

Every Sean Kingston song should start with “Yooo, Mista Kingston.’

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