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In the mood of summer music I’ve purchased a bunch of new CDs. So far two of them stand out, I will have a little something to say about them. The others are great but haven’t separated themselves from the crowd yet. I’m curious in a few years when I look at this list how many of them will still be around. Its very possible that all of these bands are at the top of my favorites at that time.

I categorize these as Popemo. They aren’t really pop-punk. Somewhere along the way this stuff transformed so far away from whatever punk roots they all sprouted from that there isn’t much in common anymore. I also don’t think of them as pure pop, just that the sound is very popular right now. A lot of people refer to it as emo. I don’t like that comparison. When I think Emo, I think The Get Up Kids, Saves the Day, and Dashboard Confessional. One other new album I bought was from Secondhand Serenade. The lead singer sounds almost exactly like Chris Carraba in some of the songs. I didn’t include them on this list because they don’t fit with the Popemo theme.

As for how I say Popemo … I don’t put a hyphen in the middle there. I go with pop-eh-mo, said very quickly. If I knew how to do that phoenic type spelling with all the accents, I would.

The top of the rotation right now. The album starts out reminding me of The Ataris and then throws a Cindi Lauper cover in there.
Pick: Maybe Misery

The Higher
Currently right behind Quietdrive in the pecking order.
Pick: Darkpop

Boys Like Girls
Pick: Heels Over Head

Permanent Me
Pick: Until You Leave

The Summer Obsession
Pick: Down For Whatever

The Rocket Summer
Very disappointed I missed out on this one. The most recent album is from 2005. The new album comes out in July. One guy plays all the instruments on the album. The whole thing is amazingly fun. He’s on a major label now and has a single out for the new album. I think you’ll be hearing from him.
Pick: Brat Pack (Possibly the catchiest song ever.)

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