Sporting Goods Overload

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A strange thing happens whenever I find myself wandering around a sporting goods store. I decide to take up at least a dozen new sports and activities. Everything I see I think ‘I need that’ or ‘that would be fun to try.’ So far I’ve always been able to resist. Someday though I will come home with a car full of new equipment and a dream.

This weekend in Modell’s I found myself in the boxing section. I’m fairly certain I’ve never been in a boxing section before, otherwise I’d be a boxer right now. First I saw the boxing gloves. $20 for a pair of your standard boxing gloves. At that price you don’t really have a choice. Further into the section there are the speed bags and punching bags. I need all of this. During the weigh in of the Mayweather/De La Hoya fight I wondered why I hadn’t become a boxer. I think I’m that size, which a little effort I could punch someone and I have pretty good balance. Problem is I guess, that I break easily. One punch and I’d be done. Still, it’d be a blast to have the gloves and something to punch that wouldn’t punch back.

Further travels found me in the tennis section. I always seem to wind up there. Thinking that tennis looks like fun to actually try and get good at. I love watching it on TV. I’m just lacking a court and someone to play against (who would be willing to put up with me sucking for a while). Unfortunately they are pretty important parts to playing tennis. Good thing I’m not hooked on doubles.

This was just Modell’s at a Sports Authority or Dick’s I could spent all day dreaming of activities. Baseball bats, hockey equipment, roller blades (is that still a relevant term?), swimming goggles, lacrosse sticks, wakeboards, and golf. Seriously stop me if I’m ever about to drop a fortune on some clubs. For some reason buying golf clubs always seems like a good idea at the time. If I in the store long enough the camping, fishing, and hunting gear all starts to look interesting to me. When I start pricing tents or kayaks I know its time to leave.

For now I will have to keep myself entertained with Wii Sports. I don’t need a buddy to play that. Of course even when I do have a buddy around we’ll just play Wii instead of going outside and doing the real thing.

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