Smash Bros Hottest Party

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I’ve spent most of my video game time recently on my Xbox 360 … playing Xbox games, go figure. I’m trying to make up for not playing Halo in college. I got all 3 Halo games and started from the beginning. I beat the first one last week and I think I’m half way through the second. Before that I finally beat Gears of War, I took my sweet time getting to that.

The Wii hasn’t gotten as much attention. Guitar Hero was gone for a few weeks because I sent it back in to get the fixed version with surround sound. It’s back and I bought a second guitar used at GameStop ($50 instead of $70, not bad).

On Saturday my sister bought DDR for the Wii. That one is going to take some practice to get down. The game supports up to 4 dance pads. Our family room can’t really handle 4 of them but a second pad may be needed. On Sunday Smash Bros Brawl came out. I’d never played the previous versions of the game but this one was getting such great reviews I decided to go for it. I got it home and was all excited to play. I got into the main menu and it went crazy. The selector was jumping all over the place, I couldn’t pick a game mode. I thought maybe my Wiimote was screwed up so I tried a different one, still crazy. I restarted a bunch of times, still crazy. Tired a different game and that was fine. I looked online and there were a bunch of problems since this is the first dual-layer disc. Most of those problems don’t even let the game load so I didn’t think it was that. Also, to fix that problem you have to send your Wii back to Nintendo. I decided to try and get into the game by timing my selections. It took a while but once I got into a fight, there was no problem. Weird. The game supports GameCube controllers so I thought I’d try that and see if it was just Wiimotes. That’s when I saw it. The DDR dance pad was still connected and my sister had folded it up and shoved it behind the TV. So essentially every button was being pressed at the same time causing the game to flip out. As soon as I unplugged the dance pad, no problem. I spent an hour thinking my Wii was busted all because the dance pad was left plugged in.

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