Poor Carson Daly

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He’s either left out of the discussion completely or being made fun of. I’ve never seen the show but he’s always seemed like a nice enough guy. Except on TRL, didn’t he paint his fingernails?

I thought I’d be nice and post a clip from his show. If it wasn’t too hard to find, I was going to post a good clip. He’s on NBC so I went to Hulu to track one down. He’s not on Hulu! Is it not worth the encoding?

Next stop what the show’s NBC site. Right there in the title is ‘Watch online for free.’ Score. Bill Simmons was on last night. Double score. I just have one question. Where are the videos? I found a link to carsondaly.tv but that hasn’t been updated in over a week. Turns out, he is in reruns this week and next. If I were him I’d still show up everyday so they don’t forget about him and fire him.

I give up. The only video on YouTube I found worth clicking was for an interview with Chelsea Handler, but the audio was off. Carson needs to write his own letter saying that he gets no respect.

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