Notebook for Jan 19. 2012

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The fine folks at Oreo have figured out how to break my addiction to Golden Oreos … $4.50 a box! If I ever see them on sale, I’m buying a hundred. (This was the price at Giant, the same box at Target was $3. So I buy them there now.)

Would it be impolite to ask people what they are getting from Redbox? I always want to know.

I’m not a big fan of book clubs, maybe that’s why I never liked going to church.

I got my car detailed after New Years. My car is almost 3 years old. It wasn’t really dirty, but it sure needed a solid vacuuming inside. After getting it back, I had no desire to drive it. It looked brand new. All I can do is ruin it.

Also from the car detailing, when I got my car back, on the front seat was a wedding invitation to my friends Mike & Laura’s wedding, which was, well, a while ago. So look around your car and see what you find. I feel like the majority of findings would be wedding invitations.

I’m busy writing an open letter to everyone writing open letters on their blogs. You don’t need a hook for everything you write. Every once in a while, it is an interesting angle to use. You know what you call an open letter on a blog without an open and close? A blog post, what you probably every day without this quirk.

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