I’m not excited for the start of the NFL Season

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The Eagles are about to kick off their season. I’m going to watch but I can’t say I’ve been anxiously awaiting the game. Usually I’m all set for the Eagles and NFL season. I just don’t have the excitement this year. Is there something wrong with me?

If I pay attention to TV and online it seems that everyone is going crazy with anticipation of the new season. I guess I don’t know any of these people. I usually set up a fantasy league for my friends. I shared my lack of excitement and that I wasn’t feeling it from everyone else. I was willing to set it up again this season if I was misreading the lack of interest. It took two weeks before anyone even mentioned that they wanted to play. A few more people had mild interest so I quickly set up the league and we drafted last weekend. That’s my only team this year.

Trying to find reasons for my lack of excitement …

Phillies – They’re still in it. In fact, yesterday’s game was rained out so Game 1 of a double-header with the Mets starts at 2:15. I’ll be flipping between the two games to start. Not sure if one will win out over the other.

College Football – I usually spend my entire Saturday watching college football. By Sunday I’m about all footballed out. I’ll watch the Eagles and that’s it.

No roommates – I watched my most NFL in college. If there was a game on, my roommates would have it on. I’d sit down, hang out, and watch. I’d enjoy watching the games. However, on my own I usually find myself doing other things rather than watching non-Eagles games.

Olympics – The Olympics took place as the preseason was getting started. Took some of my attention away. Not that I care about the preseason but that’s about the time I start reading and watching the previews.

ESPN – I despise ESPN more and more each day. I dislike all of their football analysts so I don’t sit through watching them. You can’t avoid all the NFL talk, just like NBA talk during the basketball season. I’m more likely to put on ESPNews just for highlights than watch SportsCenter.

Election – During election season there is a ton to read and watch. I can’t remember how the election changed my view of the football season in 2004. There was a lot of excitement going into that NFL season. The Eagles were expected to go to the Super Bowl and did. I think I started excited for the season but was sidetracked in October by the Red Sox and the election. I always blamed my poor grades that semester on the Red Sox, I guess I should have been blaming the election too. That election has already been the source of enough problems.

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