Nick Hundley Paid Attention in Little League

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This play from last night’s Cardinals/Padres game took me back to little league. Not just because you don’t see two guys on a base much after little league, but that Hundley handled it just like I remember being taught. Run at the runner, tag both guys when they are on the bag.

I’m not sure what Pujols was thinking, but once he saw that Ryan didn’t take off, shouldn’t he have made at least an attempt to head back to 1st. My first thought was that Ryan missed a double steal sign and Pujols wasn’t going to make any extra effort for someone else’s mistake. According to the Cardinals recap, Ryan started to go on his own but then stopped. Pujols was just watching him. He said, “[Ryan] should have gone. There’s nothing else to talk about. I did my part and he didn’t do his part.” So, I was half right, Pujols blamed Ryan and wasn’t going to go out of his way to attempt to go back to 1st.

Padres fan one, nab one (Video)

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