NFL Week 9 Preview

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Ravens @ Bengals, Sunday 1pm
Mike: After writing off the Bengals they went and blew out the Bears. Cincy also won this first matchup in Baltimore 17-14. The Ravens seem to have gotten things together, not that they were far off. Beating up on the Broncos last week was a good start. Things will change by the end of the year, but right now I’m going to root for the Ravens if there is an all-purple Super Bowl. Pick: Ravens
Ahad: This is not the Ravens team we are used to seeing. This team is no longer carried by the defense. The offense is more than capable of putting a lot of points. They might have to this week. As Mike mentioned, Cincy won the first meeting, so the Ravens will have some extra motivation in this one. Despite the fact that Palmer seems to play his best against the Ravens, I don’t see the Bengals pulling off the sweep. Pick: Ravens
Evan: I like the Ravens here also. Maybe it’s because I’ve just watched a few re-runs of One Tree Hill. I like Lucas and Nathan Scott to score a pair of touchdowns. Skills Taylor could also have a field day picking off Carson Palmer in the secondary. Pick: Ravens
Matt: Wow, no love for the Bengals? They are at home and have already beaten the Ravens once. However, they did beat them on a touchdown in the final minute, which had been the Bengals M.O. until blowing out the Bears two weeks ago. I am expecting another tough, defensive battle, and the team that can run the ball better will win the game. I think Baltimore is one of the better teams in the AFC, and I do think they are better than the Bengals. Pick: Ravens

Cardinals @ Bears, Sunday 1pm
Mike: I don’t even want to pick this game. There is no way of predicting which versions of these teams will show up. I’ve just got to go with the team that appears to have more talent. Pick: Cardinals
Ahad: This game will be decided by quarterback play. Cutler vs Warner, I’m going to take Warner. Cutler turns the ball over too much. Pick: Cards
Evan: I want to be different. Is it cold in Chicago yet? Pick: Bears
Matt: The Cards are on the road where they are 3-0. However, the Bears are 3-0 at home. Something’s got to give. I don’t think the Bears are that great of a team. Ahad, you say Cutler turns the ball over too much. How many turnovers did Warner have last week? 4, 5? I think the Cardinals have the more talented team and it will show here. Pick: Cardinals

Chargers @ Giants, Sunday 4:15pm
Mike: Question of the Day: Are the Giants any good? The Chargers traveling across the country should even things out. Once again, it’s all up to Eli. His picks last week let the Eagles get away comfortably. He always seems to step up before things completely fall apart. Pick: Giants
Ahad: The Giants are riding a three game losing streak and Coughlin says it is going to be up to his leaders to pull the team out of this. The Eagles abused the Giants secondary last week and the Chargers will look to do the same. My only concern is the fact that the Chargers are traveling across the country. I expect a big game out of Rivers. Pick: Chargers
Evan: Giants are spiraling. Chargers should be worried that the G-Men will rally behind their recent suckiness and try to right the ship at home. I agree with Ahad though, that Rivers will tear them up in the air. Pick: Chargers
Matt: Finally, it is Philip versus Eli. This is their first matchup since they were traded for each other in the 2004 draft. I, too, am worried about the Chargers traveling across the country to play this game. That typically does not bode well for them. However, the Giants are reeling, and their defense is not playing well. I expect Rivers to challenge the Giants secondary downfield with Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd. Eli needs to play better than he has of late, or else the Giants have no shot. I like the Chargers by a FG. Pick: Chargers

Cowboys @ Eagles, Sunday 8:20pm
Mike: The Boys have been throwing the ball well. The Eagles have been picking the ball off. I’m still not sold on these safeties and of course the LBs. I’m not sure we’ll hear a ton from Austin but, like every year it seems, Whitten will be a problem. Lucky for the Eagles the offense is clicking. They swatted off the Giants like a minor nuisance. Pick: Eagles
Ahad: The major concern for the Eagles is going to be Jason Whitten. Not since Carlos Emmons has this team had a player capable of shutting down a tight end. Look for the Cowboys to try and run the ball to control the tempo and keep the Eagles offense off the field. After last week, the Eagles offense is riding high and will continue to look for the big play from Jackson. Westbrook returning should provide an additional boost and a security blanket for McNabb. Pick: Eagles
Evan: I am torn, I definitely think the Eagles will win. At the same time, I am convinced of my ability to jinx my teams. I picked the Giants last week for that reason. I’m going to sacrifice my own winning percentage. Pick: Cowboys
Matt: At least give the tight end his due…his name is Witten, not Whitten. I am expecting a game similar to their first matchup last year. High-scoring, in the 30’s. I am also expecting the Cowboys to try to establish the run game early to keep the Eagles O off the field. On defense, the Cowboys will have to keep everything in front of them as the Eagles have mainly produced on offense via the big play. If they can get good pressure on McNabb, I like their chances of pulling the game out. However, and Evan, I can play this game too, I don’t want to jinx my team (I did the same thing for the Falcons game). Pick: Eagles

Steelers @ Broncos, Monday 8:30pm
Mike: Finally that Broncos loss. Now they can continue to fall back to where they belong. The Steelers are rolling and coming off a bye. I don’t know if the Steelers needed the bye, but to me they always seem like they are hurting. Pick: Steelers
Ahad: The Steelers want to show everyone they are still one of the top teams in the league. Expect them to come out and play a very physical game. I will say it again; the Broncos are not as good as their record. Expect another loss. Pick: Steelers
Evan:The Broncos show is over. Pick: Steelers
Matt: This will be a good defensive battle. Pittsburgh is 1-2 on the road, with that win an 8 point affair with the Lions. How will the altitude affect the Steelers? It always seems to affect the opposing team. That is why Denver has always been so tough at home. Denver’s D outplays the Steelers D, barely. Pick: Broncos

Ahad 26-15 (3-2)
Matt 22-19 (2-3)
Evan 22-19 (0-5)
Mike 18-22 (3-2)

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